The Hidden Code in the Mars Landing #shorts

24. feb.. 2021
6 029 369 Ganger

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, Henning Basma, Hank Green, William Leu, Tristan Edwards, Ian Dundore, John & Becki Johnston. Nevin Spoljaric, Jason Clark, Thomas Barth, Johnny MacDonald, Stephen Foland, Alfred Holzheu, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Binghaith, Brent Higgins, Dexter Appleberry, Alex Pavek, Marko Hirsch, Mikkel Johansen, Hibiyi Mori. Viktor Józsa, Ron Hochsprung

  • These shorts can't be monetized, so if you want to see more of them consider signing up to Curiosity Stream with our link in the description. This was fun to make. Super hard to get that explanation under a minute. First time we have made a video in under a day.

    Real EngineeringReal EngineeringMåned siden
    • cant be memorized? is that a challenge?

      AphidAphid2 dager siden
    • I just wanna know what the "junk code"says.

      Aeon DeckerAeon Decker3 dager siden
    • Why you gotta make money to post other peoples content?

      Nate WhitfieldNate Whitfield10 dager siden
    • Here is one topic you are unable to answer... It might make worldwide headlines, and you might find yourself on the right side of the history... Read this before it is deleted. Some unknown vigilantes are deleting most of my comments whenever they appear... John Wheeler once famously said - science journals refuse to published your work not because they don't understand it, but because they do. If they don't understand something, they publish it... I created a manuscrip about this and sent it to many science journals with some of my theories based on hard facts. One such idea was about True Pattern of Magnetic Field. It was rejected. And if I publish a short version of it in NOtown channels, it keeps disappearing... The link to it is here:

      Immigrant GeorgeImmigrant George12 dager siden
    • That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Stop it..

      James MaceJames Mace16 dager siden
  • I wanna be this smart

    Nerma CvrkNerma Cvrk41 minutt siden
  • Bruh I just thought it was a cool design ☠️

    Bashton124Bashton1246 timer siden
  • Who would have known nasa gives us Easter eggs.

    explosive gaming 22explosive gaming 229 timer siden
  • The landing on Mers

    jonathanmellqvist2jonathanmellqvist29 timer siden
  • on mears

    Tasteless TravisTasteless Travis11 timer siden
  • I dont talk nerd so some1 pls explain?

    Zapz on TopZapz on Top12 timer siden
  • Where's marres

    1967 Shelby1967 Shelby14 timer siden
  • On maaarees

    1967 Shelby1967 Shelby14 timer siden
  • Alien wife: No honey they probably meant dear.. Alien Hubby: Those sons of bitches.

    Grab the Crucifix BandGrab the Crucifix Band14 timer siden
  • The real message is, we are founded and funded by nazis and it's impossible to get past the van allen radiation belt.

    Justin LawsonJustin Lawson15 timer siden
  • I was expecting the message to say "send nudes" I'm disappointed.

    Angel HuertaAngel Huerta16 timer siden
  • whoever did this has WAY TOO MUCH time on his hands and I also feel its a coincidence

    Fortnite x Mortal KombatFortnite x Mortal Kombat17 timer siden
    • They get tons of gib money for funding so they have to burn it. remember, the same people paid to fling a functionally useless satellite-thing into deep space as some sort of "alien life finder" carrying a record made of gold

      Elvin deSouzaElvin deSouza8 timer siden
  • Meanwhile at Nasa: isn't that just a random pattern we used?

    Janet EyreJanet Eyre21 time siden
  • How to increase unecessary spendings😩take it from NASA lol😩 while the parachute is going to be white in some time due to UV radiation 🤦🏻‍♂️ DARE MIGHTY THINGS = SPEND ON STUPID THINGS TO INCREASE THE BUDGET + THE WORKTIME

    Arafat LoneArafat Lone21 time siden
  • It's actually-"Dont forget to drink your ovaltine."

    GabrielGabrielDag siden
  • Bullshit ... why would it need a parachute in the vacuum of space ?

    Sacred BubbleSacred BubbleDag siden
  • This parachute was made in Tiverton Devon UK

    MOS6510 ModelsMOS6510 ModelsDag siden
  • Great news! Jesus died for your sins! Trust in Jesus, turn from your sins and ask God for forgiveness!

    GrandGrandDag siden
  • Great news! Jesus died for your sins! Trust in Jesus, turn from your sins and ask God for forgiveness!

    GrandGrandDag siden
  • Why do they gotta make things so difficult bruh

    vProspxct GGvProspxct GGDag siden
  • Elians use the Alphabet? 😅

    Wilhelms. 263 Lizarazu 4 you.Wilhelms. 263 Lizarazu 4 you.Dag siden
  • Nerds

    Kevin MahoneyKevin MahoneyDag siden
  • Dare to lie straight to their face

    chris goetzchris goetzDag siden
  • Why though?

    Olivia The pondOlivia The pondDag siden
  • Does it say anything about Sheldon Cooper?!

    JalaLTv جلال تي فيJalaLTv جلال تي فيDag siden
  • Thank God for smart people. I would like to spend time with thinkers n creators rather than nay sayers n negative Nancies

    Non sequiturNon sequiturDag siden
  • Me not knowing any thing he said: 👁👄👁 cool

    DeQuine ReidDeQuine ReidDag siden
  • And here I am trying to figure out why my wife left me

    CritterCritterDag siden
  • Just wanna ask Are you John Nash's Long Lost Twin?

    Chilling Arc2936Chilling Arc2936Dag siden
  • This is some uncharted 4 shit

    Wow I Love youWow I Love you2 dager siden
  • Just gonna say it... Nerds!

    Robert TYSECRobert TYSEC2 dager siden
  • There’s where the funding is going

    SteveSteve2 dager siden
  • Smort

    Nobori-ryuNobori-ryu2 dager siden
  • This dude sounds like mike boyd

    georgenotfoundwastakengeorgenotfoundwastaken2 dager siden
  • Nasa: My goals are beyond your understanding. This guy: I think not

    Unknown IdentityUnknown Identity2 dager siden
  • If you want aliens to see codes I highly doubt they’re using binary.

    Wild Ferret GamingWild Ferret Gaming2 dager siden
  • why would nasa expect aliens to understand this...binary is a human made concept

    ubababbabbababababanabnbauydbauykdbewufybefaubababbabbababababanabnbauydbauykdbewufybefa2 dager siden
  • Wouldn't 50,000+ miles of radiation have an effect on any computer technology on board the spaceship?

    dee geedee gee2 dager siden
  • If the aliens dumb af they won't even bother

    Purav AlvaPurav Alva2 dager siden
  • There guy who designed the parachute: finally

    Aaron LeeAaron Lee2 dager siden
  • I’m not a rocket scientist but there had to be an easier way to get their message across

    Oh WellOh Well2 dager siden
  • Looks like the Mars rover has a Bar Code

    Ezra MantiniEzra Mantini2 dager siden
  • Aliens crack the code The code: hi, I’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty.

    Miguel GasparMiguel Gaspar2 dager siden
  • Now those people are TRUE nerds

    LaEveLaEve2 dager siden
  • Is this Totally Not Mark??

    SaitamaIRLSaitamaIRL3 dager siden
  • The movie interstellar said Yes

    Zaahid MuhammedZaahid Muhammed3 dager siden
  • I came up with (Trump 2021). You might want to recheck that cipher.

    yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodleyippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle3 dager siden
  • Some nerd had a lot of free time on his hands "But why do want us to colour the parachute like that" "Just do it guys"

    Wo Wala MoizWo Wala Moiz3 dager siden
  • That’s cool

    King Ammonite the absolutely terrifyingKing Ammonite the absolutely terrifying3 dager siden
  • That's the coolest thing

    Elavil TorresElavil Torres3 dager siden
  • 4 and 20 right next to each other...coincidence???? I think not

    yo MyButtHurtzzzyo MyButtHurtzzz3 dager siden
  • Couldn’t just get a white one and have all the extra time it took to make the “hidden message”? So happy to hear our tax dollars are hard at work......

    Kyle BKyle B3 dager siden
  • Bro I don’t see how an alien is suppose to decipher that, holy shit

    MakiaveliMakiaveli3 dager siden
  • Super eyepatch wolf, is that you?

    Connor AdamsConnor Adams3 dager siden
  • I call horse shit

    Amil MyrickAmil Myrick3 dager siden
  • This guy sounds like super eyepatch wolf

    Tavyn MayTavyn May3 dager siden
  • "a simple number sypher"

    Big JoeBig Joe3 dager siden
  • When you reach full mental maturity and no longer find obvious jokes funny anymore.

    Man loves WomanMan loves Woman3 dager siden
  • And this is how conspiracy theories are born people

    MvtitoMvtito3 dager siden
  • It clearly says "Drink more Ovaltine"

    Charles CoCharles Co3 dager siden
  • Lol this is the dumbest thing in the world

    Soul SSoul S3 dager siden

  • The ancients did that when they built the pyramids. Only they included secrets to the zodiac in their buildings and secrets to the movement of the stars. Smart men have been doing this since the inception of civilization

    Open eyes looking inward Seeing the universeOpen eyes looking inward Seeing the universe3 dager siden
  • In my science class one of my teachers former students worked on the engineering for the shuttle and zoomed in to the class and told us this at the end

    HollowHollow3 dager siden
  • they can just write it on a paper

    Aksuor NemoAksuor Nemo3 dager siden
  • People are this bored nowadays huh?

    KoalaGaming18KoalaGaming183 dager siden
  • If I was working in NASA I would probably Rickroll everybody

    Dwsa QwerDwsa Qwer4 dager siden
  • Didn’t look like Mars to me

    C9_RevelatorC9_Revelator4 dager siden
  • when i first look at that parachute, binary isn't what comes to mind. i think "for dry red eyes, use clear eyes" "wooow".

    SintriasSintrias4 dager siden
  • Ppl :- MAAAA AARRSSS this dude :- MARIS

    Grave eSportsGrave eSports4 dager siden
  • But it’s not what you think

    Daddy Chill67Daddy Chill674 dager siden
  • Easter eggs on mars

    Grey ManGrey Man4 dager siden
  • I wonder if he was watching interstellar "its binary!"

    phillip hannaphillip hanna4 dager siden
  • I thought it would say, « Dare to live freely » 😕

    Eren Karl MortelEren Karl Mortel4 dager siden
  • NASA’s probably like we just thought it looked cool

    Mobile FreekzMobile Freekz4 dager siden
  • What.

    NeverTheLess ProductionsNeverTheLess Productions4 dager siden
  • I thought this was gonna be some crazy quack trying to say something off the wall but no this short was actually cool

    Obeseus phallusObeseus phallus4 dager siden
  • Yall spend to much money on cool patterns that don't mean shit......

    Jordan NicholsonJordan Nicholson4 dager siden
  • This is just a small puzzle that they made

    Inferlite PlayzInferlite Playz4 dager siden
  • "You may have noticed the weirdly patterned parachute... " Me: who notices that?

    MfanasMfanas4 dager siden
  • Go homr

    MaxMax5 dager siden
  • But why 10 bits though? 5 bits are enough and 8 bits is the standard. Why 10?

    Azizx27Azizx275 dager siden
  • Ogre: "NERDS!!!!!!!!!!! "

    barry simpletonsbarry simpletons5 dager siden
  • They couldn’t just buy normal parachutes in like a solid color?

    Michael HigginsMichael Higgins5 dager siden
  • Ok that’s pretty cool

    Theodore NunleyTheodore Nunley5 dager siden
  • Aka Gemotria I spelled it wrong but y’all know what I’m talking bout

    Khris OwensKhris Owens5 dager siden
  • Also, same species: "earth is flat" "masks are useless" 😂

    Alvaro GarciaAlvaro Garcia5 dager siden
  • Y would it have junk-code?

    The Swiss GuyThe Swiss Guy5 dager siden
  • Dare Mighty Things

    OfficialshaunnOfficialshaunn5 dager siden
  • One day i would use this to rick roll someone

    Insomnia NightowlInsomnia Nightowl5 dager siden
  • Much simpler to just print "Greenland bound" .

    Russian HammerRussian Hammer5 dager siden
  • Damn I thought it was gonna say I ain’t ever seen 2 pretty best friends

    Kylie EKylie E5 dager siden
  • The aliens will figure this out easily .

    Wally PetersenWally Petersen5 dager siden
  • no, it's obviously "dare ty migh things" 🙄🙄 /j

    capycapy5 dager siden
  • Idk i understood the secret nasa message right away, so easy tsk

    Stefano CarrascoStefano Carrasco5 dager siden
  • Bruh I did this in my computer science class a few weeks ago

    Bryan WinchesterBryan Winchester5 dager siden
  • I'm good at that sort of coding

    Declan EdgleyDeclan Edgley6 dager siden
  • They're gonna be bored before they'll figure this one out 😭💫

    gay4paygay4pay6 dager siden
  • Yep, and when the Aliens land on their headquarters and melt them all with death rays from their anus we will all know how they found them

    R O ER O E6 dager siden