The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

23. mai. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Octavium - Robert Ruth
Melted Mind - Max Anson
Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
Travellers - Ran the Man
Bloom - Dye O
Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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  • We just released a new video about the A-10's grand papi, the P-47 Thunderbolt. 👴🏻 If you enjoyed this video, you will love this one:

    Real EngineeringReal Engineering8 måneder siden
    • @Crazy Gaming All those aircraft prior to the A-10 was then, the Hog is now,tomorrow & the future bet on that🗽🗽✈

      Hector GeartHector Geart8 dager siden
    • Slight correction: the gun is mounted slightly off the center line axes, as the GAU avenger in the warthog is set to fire each barrel when it is on the nine o'clock position. By mounting the whole gun slightly off axes, the nine o'clock position of the barrel drum lines up with the center line, allowing for no horizontal shift to occur when the gun is firing.

      Beralt MiviaBeralt Mivia19 dager siden
    • dc we

      Gary GreenmunGary Greenmun23 dager siden
    • very good

      santzero santonesantzero santoneMåned siden
    • @Jesus Kellan i am trying it out now. Seems to be working :)

      Sawyer EvanSawyer EvanMåned siden
  • See the soviets were right quantity over quality

    DotsDots2 timer siden
  • At 7:44 the narrator says that the A-10's cannon is mounted "directly on the centerline of the plane". This is incorrect. The cannon is in fact mounted slightly to the port side of the aircraft. The barrel in the firing location is on the starboard side at the 9 o'clock position so that it it perfectly aligns with the centerline. You can see this clearly at 10:03.

    DanomightDanomight3 timer siden
  • Oh you mean a waste of tax dollars so some privilege SOB POS can cumin in their pants over having a murder bird

    Phoenix StarPhoenix Star3 timer siden
  • The production GAU-8 was intentionally made LESS accurate than the prototype in order to have a bigger spread over the target area.

    blurglideblurglide4 timer siden
  • Electromagnetic Levitating Fliers (UFOs) can out maneuver this thing with all of a few atoms of hydrogen for fuel. Strap a rail gun to that bad boy and BAM, battlefield dominance.

    Virgle DeBordVirgle DeBord19 timer siden
  • It looks like space war fighter

    moses1202moses1202Dag siden
  • it basically shoots cancer

  • A-10 is the supra of planes

    Cyril StephenCyril StephenDag siden
  • This aircraft is truly a testament to how important a specialized vehicle can be even in the "modern" battlefield. There have been multiple attempts at phasing them Warthogs out, and yet they remain operational, for the simple fact that there is just no other machine that can do its job so well. Such a stark contrast to the doctrine that gave birth to the F-35, which tries so hard to do so many different things, it only manages to be mediocre at every one of them.

    Murilo VidalMurilo VidalDag siden
  • 8:11 *no one’s had to worry about Stalin. He’s been dead for years now.*

    Funny radarFunny radarDag siden
  • wait did you just say LiGHtInG BoLt its a A-10 ThunderBolt ll

    Doug ClemonsDoug ClemonsDag siden
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    Bradley SwannBradley SwannDag siden
  • Really good. I always knew the A-10 was designed for close ground support - I mean just by looking at it. As per the video the designers did an amazing job. I can only imagine that the training program for pilots must be totally unique - very different from any other pilot training. Right ? What an amazing aircraft.

    Michael OnofriettoMichael Onofrietto2 dager siden
  • It’s about the A-10 lightning not the A10 warthog

    mastergamerjmomastergamerjmo2 dager siden
  • It’s a plane built around a gun

    IcytugboatIcytugboat2 dager siden
  • Anyone else hear him call it the lightingbolt not the thunderbolt

    Jon DickisonJon Dickison2 dager siden
  • "with a specific type of warfare in mind" *germany*

    Luca GambiniLuca Gambini2 dager siden
  • 3.4K dislikes from the Taliban

    F DiddyF Diddy2 dager siden
  • Had a pair of these almost fly into me in a UH60 out in Arizona. It was awesome 😂

    Steven LoseySteven Losey2 dager siden
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, don’t retire BRRRRRRRT.

    Henrique BragaHenrique Braga3 dager siden
  • What is a A-10 Lightning/Warthog? That’s a *BRRRRRRRRRT* Bro, are you sure you know anything about Planes?

    Henrique BragaHenrique Braga3 dager siden
  • The narrator sounds like cpt.benzie

    Slate KitchingSlate Kitching3 dager siden
  • "Insane engineering" my ass, SU-25 is where it's at

    EmprictionEmpriction3 dager siden
  • glad we have the brrrrr plane instead of healthcare

    jomjom3 dager siden
  • A Huge "Thank You" to the Mechanics that keep this incredible machine in operation, protecting our soldiers & future.

    Josh HobbsJosh Hobbs3 dager siden
  • Do you ever feel that your love of military aviation engineering conflicts with your morals of what these planes are actually doing? Especially in the case of the modern fighters like this one. I dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer but I also feel horrible contributing to the Military Industrial Complex

    Joe H.SJoe H.S3 dager siden
  • Did I hear that the A-10`s gun, if mounted backwards, could fly the plane?

    HypercubeHypercube4 dager siden
  • Other militaries: "Yo, I need a gun for my plane" US military: "Yo, I need a plane for my gun"

    StacottoStacotto4 dager siden
  • Valkyrie 2-6

    MambaBreezy24MambaBreezy244 dager siden
  • I vote for bringing back turbo shaft/prop engine plains that cost pennies on the dollar and slapping the same gun onboard for fighting terrotists in the desert. No need for BILLIONS of $ of super fighters

    Bryan MichaelBryan Michael5 dager siden
    • Just shooting the gun on this thing would just make the turbo prop version of this drop out of the sky because of the recoil.

      school busschool bus3 dager siden
    • Why?

      school busschool bus3 dager siden
  • Real engineering: It has become a meme all of us: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

    Jinkyu HyunJinkyu Hyun6 dager siden
  • The air force keeps trying to end this plane's career. Air Force officers who are trying to do that need to end THEIR OWN careers!!!

    Roo HRoo H6 dager siden
  • I'm over here on General Electrics' wiki looking for a mention in their dabbling in making military equipment. I'm blown away.

    Michael Turner-SmithMichael Turner-Smith6 dager siden
  • I want to fly the a10 warthog one day.

    シシシシ7 dager siden
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    Jonathan BrownJonathan Brown7 dager siden
  • DU ammunition is actually a crime against humanity - sorta like a weapon of mass destruction that persistently kills indiscriminately, for generations and generations.

    Guy BasilGuy Basil7 dager siden
  • This plane shreds what it hits, scary stuff.

    LION TAMERLION TAMER8 dager siden
  • The A-10 is the pure definition of Americas military is it old as fuck from the cold war? yes is it still used even in modern battles? yes Is it a gun with a plane to carry it? Y E S

    Hand SonHand Son8 dager siden
  • My airplane for all with only have Locked Weapons unless on TARGET range or US Military CALL then peace for all

    Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi8 dager siden
  • I want to build your new AIRPLANE with a RailGun and Audio System and carry an ambulance or car for PEACE time usability!

    Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi8 dager siden
  • I saw in video it land with only half of one wing remaining now that will get you HOME it is a SKY VOLVO. Safest vehicle to fly! By FAR the SAFEST AIRPLANE they shoot at you it sounds only like hail. You make it home safely!

    Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi8 dager siden
  • Using the word meme and making a LOTR reference in such a badass video is why I love this channel

    Gone fissionGone fission8 dager siden
  • Why do i have a feeling with how advanced drone technology is getting , the A 10 will be replaced by a drone with the same armourment and role ?

    Constantine The cataphractConstantine The cataphract9 dager siden

    Driplord HoodfavDriplord Hoodfav9 dager siden
  • thunderbolt ii.

    az stuffaz stuff9 dager siden
  • The gun is not in the middle, it's slightly left, but the bullets come out dead center on the 7'o clock position

    DefTom ChefTomDefTom ChefTom9 dager siden
  • so its perfection

    GonzoGonzo9 dager siden
  • didn't even watch the video. just clicked on it so i could type BRRRRRRRRT

    Colin MyersColin Myers9 dager siden
  • They're great until you have to work on them lol

    Kyle WatsonKyle Watson9 dager siden
  • These animations made me happy. Excellent work

    Mike JacobsenMike Jacobsen9 dager siden
  • 0:42 ... i live near there. And if you ever have to serve in my country again please be assured that you all along with the awesome Warthog are most welcome. Most uf us have not forgotten the help during the after war phase in germany. You saved my grandpa's life ... i love you for that. May god bless the us airforce.

    SheytangcSheytangc10 dager siden
  • As cool and unique as the A-10 Warthog was, it's time is over now that there are planes like the F-35. A-10s are just a waste of money and resources now.

    Exist64Exist6410 dager siden
    • Yeah right 😂😂😂

      school busschool bus3 dager siden
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    Jack RothrockJack Rothrock10 dager siden
  • We spent billions cleaning up depleted uranium in Iraq.

    Bryon SlattenBryon Slatten10 dager siden
  • GAU-8. When you care enough to send the very best.

    Bryon SlattenBryon Slatten10 dager siden
  • At about 01:54. Is that Pope AFB? I know the fighter wing. Lineage goes back to the AVG (Flying Tigers) of WW2. That's either the 74th or 75th fighter squadron. My dad was attached to the 75th in 2000-2004. Was in Afghanistan with them. Then Iraq.

    wrongway1100wrongway110010 dager siden
  • From the moment the Air Force received their A10s, they've been trying desperately to get rid of it.

    Eks calyburEks calybur10 dager siden
  • It looks like a puma

    identity crisis tf2 pyroidentity crisis tf2 pyro11 dager siden
  • Manual revertation AKA WIRES you better bench 260!

    SuperChalmSuperChalm11 dager siden
  • This is just a protocol type Skynet drone, wait till they add jet rockets and duel cannons drone🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Mike JoneMike Jone11 dager siden
  • The A-10 Warthog, When you absolutely, positively got to freedomize every motherfucker in the entire block, accept no substitutes.

    SlCKB0YSlCKB0Y11 dager siden
  • Superb design solution to the specified requirement.

    Deus X. Machina AniméDeus X. Machina Animé11 dager siden
  • This film is as amazing as the A-10 !!!! Well done!

    Jim HummelJim Hummel11 dager siden
  • Fun - but in the first 5 seconds he screws it up & calls it the "Lightning Bolt" - FAIL

    D SuttonD Sutton11 dager siden
  • The thing goes brrrrrt....

    Vision ShaderVision Shader12 dager siden
  • i love warthog

    jimmythespyjimmythespy12 dager siden
  • Keep a-10 for the memes

    Matthew BrendelMatthew Brendel12 dager siden
  • Nothin says "Murica" like building a plane around a big gun haha

    Apollo RezonateApollo Rezonate12 dager siden

    Hacked accountHacked account12 dager siden
  • This video really shows why trying to have the F-35 replace her is not a workable solution.

    Bthsr71Bthsr7112 dager siden
  • Isn't this the same gun they put on those R2-D2 dudes on the navy ships?

    The RocinanteThe Rocinante12 dager siden
  • The original 30mm nose gun was said to be built around an old Volkswagen Beetle, with the 1st A-10 built around said 30mm nose gun. Sorry, F-14, but A-10 takes my favorite spot. When a new Ace Combat cones out; my 1st question is: is there an A-10? Also, who remembers "A-10 Cuba" on PC?

    Xion ToshiroXion Toshiro12 dager siden
  • Now I feel like playing Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X

    DaveDave13 dager siden
  • Simply genius

    Steph HaugSteph Haug13 dager siden
  • If the America ditch the A10, its obvious to the whole world that they are dumb as hell

    Steph HaugSteph Haug13 dager siden
  • These are one of the most close air support airplanes that should still be in development with computer updates and more weapons the plane has been around since the early 60s the plane is a freaking monster it can hang around for support of the troops when you see a A10 warthog be ready for certain death absolute one of the best ground air support of all time

    Robert McCrayRobert McCray13 dager siden
  • Serbia could get that down with simple radar like we did 1999 with a us plane f-117a and a B-2

    Лештар Смутни СтефанЛештар Смутни Стефан13 dager siden
  • thi is the most american plane, simple, instuitive design, and powerful. mass produced

    Dr DimmerDr Dimmer13 dager siden
  • Thunderbolt genius not lightning bolt

    A random guyA random guy13 dager siden
  • Thanks to that thing I am not a widow. 😘

    Nina AnistonNina Aniston13 dager siden
  • 13:25 Anyone know why the F-35C would be less expensive to operate than the F-35A? Thanks!

    HeavyIzThaCrown -HeavyIzThaCrown -13 dager siden
  • Haha A-10 Go brrrrr

  • 4:03: that’s a cool paint job.

    MFLMFL13 dager siden
  • I have been calling for the manufacture of new-build A-10s for 20 years - they are a great Infantry ground support vehicle and nothing is better .. and as your 2024 President I will authorize the purchase and construction of 400 brand new A-10 Warthogs with all of the latest, most advanced Metallurgical, Cockpit Bulletproofing, Avionics and Propulsion system improvements that have been discovered over the last 40 years .. WAR is coming folks - World War - and we do not have the time to mess with building experimental ships -- the Littoral Combat Ship is junk and the DDG 1000 Zumwalt is junk .. we must put all of our Resources into building Arleigh Burke Hulls with the latest hardware and software and we need to purchase British Mark 26 and 31 Frigates .. and we need to purchase whatever Landing Craft will get our men safely to shore .. we must buy equipment that we know works and that we know is reliable in a combat scenario .. - and I don't care if it's made in the USA or not - we can buy from Canada, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Poland, the Ukraine, Taiwan or half a dozen other Allied Nations .. RINO Democrat, Vietnam War Draft Dodger and Russian Stooge Donald Trump did nothing to stop North Korea's Threats against South Korea, Japan, the US and Guam - Kim Jong Un played Donald Trump like a Trumpet and laughed his ass off all the way to the Bank .. US Air Force Cold War Veteran and 42-year Eisenhower Reagan Republican Brad Hartliep stopped Jong Un's Father and Grandfather dead cold and has been Protecting South Korea, Japan, Guam and CONUS America for 36 years .. RINO Democrat, Vietnam War Draft Dodger and Russian Stooge Donald Trump did nothing to stop Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine, did nothing to stop Putin's threats against Ukraine and the Baltic States and did nothing to stop Vladimir Putin's Threats against US Military Warriors fighting in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan .. US Air Force Cold War Veteran and 42-year Eisenhower Reagan Republican Brad Hartliep stopped East Germany and the Soviet Union dead cold and has been Protecting Germany, Britain, Western Europe, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine and CONUS America for 36 years .. RINO Democrat, Vietnam War Draft Dodger and Russian Stooge Donald Trump did nothing to stop Communist China's Threats against Taiwan, Australia and the Philippines - US Air Force Cold War Veteran and 42-year Eisenhower Reagan Republican Brad Hartliep stopped Communist China dead cold and has been Protecting Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, India and the entire Pacific Theater for 36 years .. Trump has never protected America or our Allies. Trump has never served in our US Military. Trump has zero comprehension of Military Strategy and Tactics - that's why Trump got his ass royally kicked by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Scotland and Mexico - Trump got his ass kicked by 7 Enemies and 6 Allies .. Pompeo is a Police Officer - his training and his experience is limited to arguing with pimps and prostitutes - Pompeo has never dealt with International Affairs and doesn't have a clue how to use Military or Diplomatic Strategy and Tactics to defeat an enemy on the Battlefield -- The ONLY American that will Protect America and our Allies from attack or invasion by China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan is US Military Veteran Brad Hartliep 2024 - Brad Hartliep will walk all over Trump and Pompeo in Tactics and Strategy -- and, unlike Donald Trump, Brad Hartliep will win - and Brad Hartliep will defeat China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan - and our United States Military will accomplish more under Brad Hartliep as their Commander in the first six months than it did under Trump in 4 years and under Obama in 8 years .. Vote Brad Hartliep 2024 Launch America Forward and Make America Greater ..

    Brad HartliepBrad Hartliep13 dager siden
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    Zyon KerZyon Ker13 dager siden
  • it seems you have a plane on your gun

    Chris And stellenChris And stellen13 dager siden
  • Russia: Were like fish in a barrel America: Hah Hah Hah *BRRRRRRRRRRT

    Cian WildesCian Wildes13 dager siden
  • can you go over the engineering of the V-22 osprey?

    Cro MagnonCro Magnon14 dager siden
  • Cockpit tub takes 23mm. Soviets upgrade their AA batteries to 30mm. Their tanks are also immune to the 30mm rounds these fire since the T54/55 leading to the vast, vast majority of their tank kills being from missiles, not the main gun. These things are great against poorly equipped, not exactly modern forces which is conveniently all they've ever really gone up against (thankfully). Peer to peer these things wouldn't last.

    TalesOfWarTalesOfWar14 dager siden
  • 02:40 Now that the USSR is gone and Conmmunist China is on the rise, if the cost/performance is such an important factor then you guys are very likely to lose b/c the Chinese manufacture the cheapest stuffs. You guys'd better prepare yourselves.

    Thanh Phan ĐìnhThanh Phan Đình14 dager siden
  • other planes btttt- a10 awww thas cute brtttttt

    l0VMl0VM14 dager siden
  • Far and away, my favorite aircraft. It the zombie apocalypse every happens, I'm definitely getting one.

    Brad noneBrad none14 dager siden
  • Personally......... I'd take the A-10 all day long, in Iraq and Afghanistan it's saved many lines so in my opinion, it should STAY!!

    Gooner 72Gooner 7214 dager siden
  • The sound of that GAU-8 30mm cannon is absolutely fantastic and the aircraft itself is a pretty decent machine...... loved and feared in equal amounts....🇺🇸🇺🇸✌✌

    Gooner 72Gooner 7214 dager siden
  • A10 saved my platoon in Afghanistan. The gun firing with one pass and a 500lb bomb on the next. That plane should never be retired as long as we have troops on ground.

    Matthew TratzMatthew Tratz14 dager siden
  • Brrt is a song now according to the CC

    PerciusLivePerciusLive14 dager siden
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    Juan LopezJuan Lopez14 dager siden
  • Would the A-10 be able to dog fight with the GAU-8?

    SCP FoundationSCP Foundation14 dager siden
    • No, it can't

      Kalashnikov 413Kalashnikov 41313 dager siden
  • Why is cold war technology almost on par with modern military technology when compared with ww2 technology?

    Name's OMEGAName's OMEGA14 dager siden
    • @Name's OMEGA yeah, because it's literally on the conflict situation. No wonder why they developed such an advance things. Nowadays the most common conflict is the smaller, rebellion war

      Kalashnikov 413Kalashnikov 41313 dager siden
    • @Kalashnikov 413 even the nazis were way ahead of their time with the me163 komet and other secret military projects including the atomic bomb until the us beat em to it. Even the Roman legion was pretty advanced for it's time

      Name's OMEGAName's OMEGA13 dager siden
    • @Name's OMEGA that's understandable, since war is the mother of military invention, while right now we don't have any major war yet

      Kalashnikov 413Kalashnikov 41313 dager siden
    • @Kalashnikov 413 Yeah but it's such a short stretch of time interms of advancements from ww2 to cold war and now in the 21st century it's not as much significantly better

      Name's OMEGAName's OMEGA13 dager siden
    • Because....... Most of our equipment was from/based on Cold War tech?

      Kalashnikov 413Kalashnikov 41313 dager siden