The Insane Engineering of the P-47 Thunderbolt

1. aug.. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:


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    • wow you have almost THREEE MILLION subs dude an yet only almost 2mil views

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    • Mosquito doooood

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    • NOtown finally kicked in bro. This was recommended to me 👊🏻💥👊🏻

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    • @Frederik 126 and litres not liters

      Mark MitchellMark Mitchell21 dag siden
    • @Frederik 126 can you please use mph and gallons feet and inches that's what measurements were used to create and use these machines

      Mark MitchellMark Mitchell21 dag siden
  • You tube sucks!!!! Good luck with the other platforms!!

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  • that plane has got thicc thighs

    mustang thekittenmustang thekitten13 timer siden
  • its the jugg

    mustang thekittenmustang thekitten13 timer siden
  • The M4 of the skies, along with the T-34 of the skies, Yak 9 and the Flying Panzer 3: the BF-109. WW2 Planes are weird and wonderful

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  • That is not a supercharger. It is a turbocharger.

    Dayne PefleyDayne PefleyDag siden
  • Not to mention their role as close air support. The Escuadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force used the P47D to great effect in the Philippines, even in a dive bomber mission (which the plane was definitely NOT designed for). They destroyed a number of Japanese convoys and other ground targets, and if memory is correct naval targets in port.

    1207rorupar1207roruparDag siden
  • P47=hefty chonk

    Karen GanzevoortKaren GanzevoortDag siden
  • staing facts is not enginerring....lets talk about that 180 return for turbos then we might talk. please stop wasting my time reading wiki.

    Ima StonerIma StonerDag siden
  • I knew an old WWII & cold era pilot years ago who told me cool pilot stories. I asked him of all the planes he flew, which would he take to battle. He said the P47. I ask why and he said, "Because it'll get you home."

    Crashburn 32Crashburn 32Dag siden
  • “Fitted with an ***alcohol*** water mixture-“ So it's a vodka-powered plane

    Yuujin.Yuujin.Dag siden
  • So it was turbo charged not super charged

    Barney StinsonBarney StinsonDag siden
  • But a supercharger by definition is powered by the crank if the engine. This is a turbocharger, it runs off of the exhaust gas to compress the intake air.

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  • 4:35

    Chongo OkChongo Ok2 dager siden

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  • Why did they build it so big? Because they could .......😎

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  • My Dad watched Baa Baa Blacksheep on T.V.!!!

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  • War thunder's Bomber-pilot deleter/America CAS supressory

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  • It had the highest survival rate for its pilots so that is more than good enough for me to think/ believe it was/is hands down the best ww2 single-engine fighter for the allies, at the very least. It also had a kill rate second only to the corsair (I think I've heard 9 to 1 while corsair, I believe, was 11 to 1) but it was still faster than the corsair and had a better survival rate. I don't like the bubble canopy because from what i've heard/seen in documentaries, it was not made with 'bulletproof' glass. I could be wrong about that, if I am then i'll take the bubble canopy. I have heard conflicting info about which plane was produced in the highest numbers... i've heard that it was the p-47 but i've also heard it was the corsair so I don't know which.

    Danielle MurphyDanielle Murphy4 dager siden
  • Wouldn’t it be a turbo charger and not super charge because the impeller is powered by exhaust gas and not by the engine itself?

    Houston NewtonHouston Newton4 dager siden
  • Plane be thiccc

    Joe H.SJoe H.S4 dager siden
  • The P-47: Thicc and Thirsty

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  • Excellent video, clear concise, a narrator who doesn't have a boring voice & I liked the very limited background music which in reality is not that necessary. I came in here to watch & hear factual comments not to listen to what is often (not on this occasion though) shithouse music that is best listened to whilst occupying the bathroom!! Overall, so well done indeed!!

    Brendon RutherfordBrendon Rutherford4 dager siden
  • How dare You didnt show the p51 in a d version!

    Collin PankratzCollin Pankratz5 dager siden
  • Please do a video on Soviet : mig three...or lag five and seven..or hell do both! Lmao very well done on this one forsure !

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  • is it just me or is that plane looking kinda THICC

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  • That's a turbocharger

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  • Thicc Boi go CHUGGACHUGGA

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  • *every panzereinheit be vibin till you see a plump plane with 8 guns and 6 bombs on its hardpoints*

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  • SO that has all the parts of a turbocharger. What about it made it a supercharger?

    Tyler MilliganTyler Milligan6 dager siden
  • Can we get some piece of hardware that ISN'T American?

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  • Nah the me 262 is better (in my opinion

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  • Flying tank, haha

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  • I fell in love w p47 especially the b variant well it may not have the speed but i love it

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  • Technically a turbo, great vis tho

    Nurb NordNurb Nord8 dager siden
  • This is a great plane indeed. I have several RC versions and it is easy to land......for a Warbird 👊🏻😎👊🏻

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  • The deserted vest conceptually bolt because dredger parallely screw except a merciful clutch. actually, different possibility

    Olivia EaleyOlivia Ealey9 dager siden
  • According to (and other resources such as the "Great Planes" series): it gained a nickname: the "Jug" (because its profile was similar to that of a common milk jug of the time)

    WB8FEQWB8FEQ9 dager siden
  • That's not Supercharged

    Kari GreydKari Greyd9 dager siden
  • There is no such unit as the 344th Fighter Group.

    Jonathan BernsteinJonathan Bernstein10 dager siden
  • Your data on the fuel tanks is partially incorrect. It is accurate for the Razorback versions, but the D-25 and later had a 270 gallon main tank, for total internal fuel of 370 gallons.

    Jonathan BernsteinJonathan Bernstein10 dager siden
  • insane engeneering was the ME 262..... the P 47 was just a propeller plane

    Dennis HoffmannDennis Hoffmann10 dager siden
  • I have one question. When they developed these engines why did they refer to them as supercharged? As I understand it superchargers are belt or gear driven and turbochargers are driven off of exhaust gases, if someone could explain to me why they used this certain terminology thatd be cool I'd like to learn as much as I can

  • As I was watching this and got to the part where you were defining a meter, it occurred to me that all of our measurements rely on things we call constant. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something within basic physics, but all of this makes the assumption that time is also a constant. It is not. We know gravity effects time. We know that at a quantum level, we can observe "the effect" prior to "the cause". We know from Heisenberg that as we more precisely measure the position of a particle, measurements of velocity (or angular moment) becomes increasingly imprecise. So, if time is not constant... then neither is the speed of light, because "speed" relies on time to measure. Would this not perhaps account for the missing mass and energy in the universe? Perhaps a reason to take another look at the spooky dark matter debate? I realize I am probably wrong, so what am I missing here?

    Shad YoungShad Young11 dager siden
  • Does 'range' include return to starting point?

    Pendulous TesticularisPendulous Testicularis11 dager siden
  • The P-47 having a radial engine meaning that ground fire could hit it and it would run with bullet holes in it, Where as the Spit and Mustang would go down. I spoke many years ago to a WW2 pilot that went from a Mustang to a Thunderbolt he said that the Tbolt save his life because it was a tougher plane

    Daniel KavanaughDaniel Kavanaugh11 dager siden
  • I thought this was going to be about when you turn 47 and you have to pee a lot

    MrShanester117MrShanester11711 dager siden
  • Lists great fighters of the war. Lists Stuka. No mention of P-38. P-38: *cries*

    russetwolf13russetwolf1311 dager siden
  • Engineering channel does not know the difference between turbo ard supercharger :D

    Dawid TarchałaDawid Tarchała12 dager siden
  • There was an incident that amazed German soldiers commented about after the war and the AAF had the gun film to back it up. Some P-47's were flying low thru an industrial area dropping bombs with one clipping a tall brick smokestack with a wing. The impact tore off 6 feet of the wing but the P-47 kept flying and circled around to take another crack at the target. It dropped it's bomb load and flew back to the airfield.

    Bill WilsonBill Wilson12 dager siden
  • Im not sure if you know this mate so ill just shed a little light so you don't seem unknowledgeable. What you just explained at the 3 minute mark was not a supercharger. That my friend is a turbocharger, the massive difference between the two being that a supercharger is driven by the rotation of the engine or flywheel of the engine in some rare cases. A turbocharger much lack you explained is driven by the expanding gasses from the engine. 🙃 And just quietly, the spitfire made half of the p47s power, yes.. BUT! It also with half the engine size and the overall weight of the plane was was half that again. Not to mention that the flight performances of all spitfire models were far better. Not only out turning the p47 massively but it also had a better climb rate and was more efficient at cruising speeds. The only places where the p47 was truly better than the spitfire was its armament and range. Compared to the spitfires (all variants) the p47 is not only a slouch but a disappointing representation of what a "good" WWII aircraft was.

    Jai KingJai King12 dager siden
  • You state the water added results in the power stroke fights against the other pigeons reducing power output. But you then state that adding water increases the power...? Isn't that a contradiction? Pls explain.

    NRA MemberNRA Member12 dager siden
  • 35% of your Twitter audience apparently has little of no knowledge of the P-47’s accomplishments in the ETO.

    heydonrayheydonray12 dager siden
  • It's built like a fast brick **** house. The bubble canopy was a real advantage, and from what I've read, the latter ones were very tough.

    Beorn The Bear.Beorn The Bear.12 dager siden
  • When you realize this Bish was turbo charged not super charged ??

    T 25T 2513 dager siden
  • As much as I'd agree with you on the nickname given, the Jug was not short for Juggernaut. Instead it was due to the overall shape of the aircrafts fuselage resembling that of a milk jug if stood on its nose. Other than that, I loved the video. Thus aircraft definitely deserves to be on the top 10 list of best fighter aircraft of WW2.

    Jason LeeJason Lee13 dager siden
  • Let there be a huge engine, oh wait, add a huge super charger and things go never go wrong ;)

    KelvinKelvin13 dager siden
  • For much more engineering detail on the P-47, see the series on the NOtown channel "Greg's Airplanes and Automobiles." He corrects many myths about the Jug.

    Samuel ThompsonSamuel Thompson13 dager siden
  • 1:16 turn on subtitles.. he wrote thicc

  • Why you say "both" when you want to say "but" ?

    Peter SuchanskyPeter Suchansky13 dager siden
  • Very well explaination , good job !

    Theo VAISSIETheo VAISSIE14 dager siden
  • I like how he says “Luftaffe” and not “Luftwaffe”

    SquooshyCatboySquooshyCatboy14 dager siden
  • A big and beefy plane. It basically screams power.

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul14 dager siden
  • So first, wonderful video. Very well put together. Some things about the plane that I wanted to point out: 1) it was the largest single engine aircraft of the war. No other single engine plane from any warring nation matched it in sheer size. 2) its engine was used in 3 highly well known and well-regaurded aircraft. The other two being the F4U corsair and the F6F hellcat. All of which were well known for their ruggedness and durability. However they did use slightly different varients becauae they were carrier based aircraft. (Tangent: the F4U's distingtive wingull shape was because they specifically asked for "the largest propellers you can put on the engine" so they had to put that bend in the wings and put the landing gear and the base of the bend in order to prevent the propeller from digging into the runaway when landing.) 3) it is the only fighter plane the US used that had 8 guns on it. Most other fighters had between 4-6. With some (like the p-38 lightning) having 5 guns including higher powered cannon. But no other fighter at the US's disposal could spit the sheer volume of lead this thing could. Which made it perfect for straffing runs and close ground support. Its not the most nimble. It's not fastest. Its not the sleakest. But it is one hell of an airplane. And I agree that it is one of the best fighters of ww2. Not THE best. But definitely in the top 10. Maybe even the top 5. And the #1 spot would go to the p-51. anyone wha has a problem with that can fight me.

    Jamie MinorJamie Minor14 dager siden
  • Thank you for reminding us how blessed America is.

    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford14 dager siden
  • 2300 horsepower compared to 900 plus Mitsubishi zero.

    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford14 dager siden
  • What was the horsepower. Oh nevermind.

    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford14 dager siden
  • It was so sturdy and it was devastating to the Japanese

    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford14 dager siden
  • Youre not doing a great job of convincing me that this was one of the best planes. It was definitely a plan, but a good one?

    ArgomundoArgomundo15 dager siden
  • I didn't know this plane had a negative image. I always thought it was pretty badass. It was a flying tank basically. There's a reason the warthog carries its name.

    Chad CarewChad Carew15 dager siden
  • The "Chunky" P-47`picture tells me everything you're saying in this video. What strikes me first is the scale of the beast! Look at her size compared to the two men, and the heft in her wings! It reminds me of the A-10 warthog!

    Pete RheinPete Rhein16 dager siden
    • There is a reason the A-10 Thunderbolt II was named after the P-47.

      nightstalker638nightstalker63812 dager siden
  • My husband ‘s mother was a “Rosie” at the Evansville, IN plant that made the wings. She was very proud to have worked there.

    Cynthia HummCynthia Humm16 dager siden
    • Unsung heroes of the war, the ladies who built the weapons to win it everyday

      Stevie JoStevie Jo8 dager siden
  • 3:40 Isn't that a turbocharger. Superchargers run on mechanical energy from the engine while turbochargers use exhaust to spool up if I am not mistaking.

    Pv digger YTPv digger YT16 dager siden
  • So p-47 = a-10 Helpfull litle bois

    Play'n an Game'nPlay'n an Game'n16 dager siden
  • The jug was a flying tank, I learned about it from a pilot who had a 20MM blow off a chunk of his wings.

    Sean patrick MaiorcaSean patrick Maiorca16 dager siden
    • @aecs yes that was the case.

      Sean patrick MaiorcaSean patrick Maiorca14 dager siden
    • The name jug was actually for the shape and size of the fuselage

      aecsaecs14 dager siden
  • I just love your Irish accent

    DuddaryDuddary16 dager siden
  • Another reason it was called the Jug was because if you stood the aircraft on its nose with the tail in the air and looked at it from the side it would look like a milk jug

    MrColdDrinkMrColdDrink16 dager siden
  • War thunder needed it so I just got better at using it.

    Quintin & LucasQuintin & Lucas16 dager siden
  • That would technically be a turbo charger not a supercharger as a turbo is supercharger is run of the crank shaft not the exhaust.

    BigOunceBigOunce18 dager siden
  • Ahhhh duMont airfield, you can not see it in those old pics but the German pilots did, they saw it in letters a hundred feet high "Hey Hans - you are totally scr*w*d""

    Alden ConsolverAlden Consolver18 dager siden
  • How would you compare P-47s to P-61s?

    JulesJules18 dager siden
  • 11:43 I see a man of culture

    Ata fakheriAta fakheri18 dager siden
  • Okay, anybody who says the P47 is a bad plane, doesn't know how to fly it

    DeadlyLazerDeadlyLazer18 dager siden
  • Not only that, the extra heavy armament gave the pilots extra protection! It is my favorite WW2 plane. !! :-)

    Ronald KearnRonald Kearn19 dager siden
  • So you are saying it was the best(not "one of the best" as you corrected yourself later), because it uses its advantage in hight, when it had this and numbers after mass production? thats like saying if you have a lion and a rat, that the rat is better, cause it attacked the lion while sleeping with 1.000.000 friends. I think the P-47 was decent, but the Messerschmitt Me 262 was the best plane regarding your way of arguing with ambush attacks and everythink going perfectly. My winner is the FW 190 with efficiency, cost and performance looking insanely good.

    IdoubleZAIdoubleZA19 dager siden
  • When can we install nitro boosts for cars?!

    Seneca SimpsonSeneca Simpson19 dager siden
  • 5:42 You mean at the TOP of the compression stroke. Pre-ignition only occurs at about TDC (Top Dead Center). Great video.

    Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson21 dag siden
  • P-47's are like big women, fun to ride, but don't let your friends see you with one....actually many BUFF's performed great- the B52 and the A1 Skyraider are both big and clunky, but were used way beyond their life expectancy and the B52 is still being used till this day.

    Spanky HarlandSpanky Harland21 dag siden
  • Now I know what this plane reminds me of! *Orks.*

    Ænig Ma.Ænig Ma.21 dag siden
  • P-47 is a marvel in engineering, not modeling and gaming, have capabilities unmatched by any other plane in WWII, and a personal favorite for me.

    Carl WuCarl Wu21 dag siden
  • She thicc with two c's lol

    Krem BananaKrem Banana22 dager siden
  • Can you please make more WW2 planes videos like this thanks.

    Mad rabbitMad rabbit22 dager siden
  • Restorationalists cant figure out how to replicate this all electricity/air ancient tech. Spending decades on a "first crank". Can't fly. Unreal. crazy tech

    FRFM00FRFM0023 dager siden
  • Do you play warthunder and if dont do its very good

    Liam LaddLiam Ladd23 dager siden
  • I have a question: The main german fighter the messerschmit 109 has been indicate as the bf 109 or the me 109. Why Bf 109?

    Piotr PhilippePiotr Philippe24 dager siden
    • Thank you

      Piotr PhilippePiotr Philippe13 dager siden
    • Bf stands for Bayerische Flugzeugwerke meaning Bavarian aircraft works. The company was founded in 1916 and in 1927, Willy Messerchmitt joined the company as lead engineer. The company then is forced into bankrupcy and started again untill Messerchmitt takes it over in 1938, leading to the Bf designations of aircraft designs from before then, such as the me or bf 109 which first flew in 1935.

      HectroyanoHectroyano13 dager siden
  • Isn’t that the definition of a turbocharger? Compressor powered by exhaust gases in two separate circuits.

    Pat HaskellPat Haskell24 dager siden
  • This constant talk of power and water injection is amusing; German fighters mostly had their methanol-water injection disabled by late 1944; The extra power hurt slow speed turning rates, and you mostly had to slow down to allow the guns to do real damage: The problem is these aircrafts had gotten too fast for their guns to take effect, so their were constantly downthrottling by war's end; that is what you see if you actually read thousands of combat reports, as I have... Furthermore, hit and run high speed tactics were very easily defeated by just chopping the throttle and turning at low speed (and the P-47 was one of the best at this, along with the FW-190A): The overall WWII trend was from a 1940 assumption that high speed hit and run will dominate, to a 1944 constant use of slow speed horizontal turns, which "locked" a more stable target for the weak 1% hit rate (it was deadly to "roll out" once locked in a turn). Only a few pilots could use hit and run, and even they specialized in stalking mostly damaged or lone aircrafts. For more on the bizarre true reality of ACTUAL WWII air combat, not vague generalities based on the era's NOT combat-experienced test pilots, see my channel "Wrath of Atlantis": Slowness was really life back then...

    Wrath of AtlantisWrath of Atlantis25 dager siden
  • I don’t think it is insane engineering, rather very well thought out by a stable and intuitive mind.

    Mark GoddardMark Goddard25 dager siden
  • Wait, that's a turbo charger not a super charger isn't it?

    Dogunbound houndsDogunbound hounds26 dager siden