The Real Flying Saucer

25. jan.. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

[1] Project 1794:

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Computer Wiz - Marten Moses
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Solving It - Frank Jonsson
A Trip To The Moon - Aiolos Rue

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    • @Jakob Brooks i am trying it out now. Seems to be working :)

      Meggan BoissyMeggan BoissyMåned siden
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      santzero santonesantzero santone3 måneder siden
    • Effort only Ryan on nuclear power I wonder what its limitations are going into space no one thought of that are you even talked about it volume proud to be Canadian

      Elvis DAWSONElvis DAWSON3 måneder siden
    • Feel tanks are in the wrong place Should be on the outer skin or the surrounding skin of the ship that way your contain a lot more double Tang ship

      Elvis DAWSONElvis DAWSON3 måneder siden
  • how havent i seen this video yet

    Oliver MaillhoOliver Maillho8 timer siden
  • I think that the Coanda effect is meant for the upper surface as a low pressure zone that lifts aircraft up

    Jānis GrīnvaldsJānis GrīnvaldsDag siden
  • ce truc n a jamais satisfait personne a part les rubriques sur NOtown.

    christian leonzichristian leonzi10 dager siden
  • The avro car is old news and no where near like flying the way UFOs sighted and like what I saw as a teenager 😳 crazy manoeuvrabilitys zipping across the sky like nowt I've ever seen before or after what I saw in the 1990s!! I think mankind are arrogant too even contemplate where the only intelligent life in the vast expanse of the solar system and universe! Its just mathematically wrong that life has happened only once!!

    war robots gamer UFO reportwar robots gamer UFO report12 dager siden
  • The Havro Car is an old Fan propelled craft, which I saw for the first time, when I visited NASA Space Center in Cape Canaveral, around the days of the Apollo XVI Mission in 1972..., this Havro car is not a Flying Saucer, it is some sort of early drone type craft... no antigravity or anything like it

    Jorge CouttolencJorge Couttolenc12 dager siden
  • Now this explains why all those wetness’s throughout the decades talking abt UFO’s this is it *Canada* sure did scare the shit outta people across the world 😂

    1mABŒVE ÆVERAGE1mABŒVE ÆVERAGE12 dager siden
  • Alien : well..the shape is pretty cool Canada : but the speed is 100km/h Alien : my baby alien toy

    ajie fayazaajie fayaza13 dager siden
  • What if the ufo is actually a time traveler who driving a future time machine flying disc who came just to visit and suddenly we all be like 'OH LOOK AN ALIEN' even tho he's a human from future.

    XenoVCXXenoVCX15 dager siden
  • Disgusting garbage. Just terrible people. Absolutely terrible.

    Adam BraunAdam Braun15 dager siden
  • The Avrocar was basically an expensive wobbly hovercraft. It never achieved the incredible altitudes and speed that was envisioned. The thing was just too unstable.

    NightBazaarNightBazaar19 dager siden
  • Should've shaped it like a Tic-Tac, apparently that's the way to go.

    Derek MooreDerek Moore19 dager siden
  • This could be good for Agriculture chemicals spreading

    Βακουφτσής Ιωάννης ΚυριάκοςΒακουφτσής Ιωάννης Κυριάκος20 dager siden
  • just preparing the masses for the truth nothing to see here, please move along!

    read this dont readread this dont read20 dager siden
  • If it was supposed to fly at high altitude and at match 3 then why did they want it to be able to takeoff vertically? And if they wanted vertical takeoff then why the speed and altitude requirements? It's like they wanted to have a single kind of plane that would serve the roles of interceptor, bomber, reconnaissance and fishing boat.

    IAmAgainstIAmAgainst21 dag siden
  • The only thing they messed up on is making the outer body in the form of layers and layers of honeycomb structure. The intense air pressure flowing through the honeycomb will generate the passing of air from all 360° degrees of whatever object allowing it to move randomly throughout the air but in no particular direction. It’s up to who is using it to guide it just like a metallic beetle. It’s whole entire body is covered in the same honeycomb structure so even though it’s wings wouldn’t be able to lift the majority of the bigger Beatles, the flapping of the wings generating wind through its body makes it define gravity. This has been known for thousands of years but has been protected because of the damage it can do it’s made public but now that same honeycomb structure on the body of a beetle mixed with today’s science and technology and its availability would cause chaos because you could pretty much implicated at home in the basement and then used for whatever Sinister idea someone or some people might have.

    Michael MunroMichael Munro21 dag siden
  • Una merda di disco volante.... tempo perso su concetti scadenti...

    Samuele ScaffidiSamuele Scaffidi22 dager siden
  • Jesus talking to DOJ

    Mark. HapsisMark. Hapsis22 dager siden
  • Canadian aircraft flying saucers

    air force control section 508air force control section 50824 dager siden
  • Canada: *doesn't make many things* Also canada: "ha flying saucer go BRRRRRRRRRRRR"

    Uss IndianapolisUss Indianapolis24 dager siden
  • So you mean we went from telegrams- cordless phone-pagers -cell phones-smart phones and I’m suppose to believe there aren’t vehicles like the already

  • Interestingly this video made me think pf Moon Shoes and it turns out after a quick google search: Moon Shoes were introduced in 1950.

    Aether PaulAether Paul27 dager siden
  • Title is fine, is just how you achieve flight, is why I came here to see whats going on. Just you're average ordinary science person. Tesla (someone who very few of you now know after a google search made a device like this using electrical power, according to documents released by the us military. His used some form of dual propulsion system which still remains a mystery. I have been working on this for years not and at best i have gotten to the point where the metals used and the geometry of the design is key in operational success. the rest is still being tested by my team, such as the energy matrix, and the reactor chamber are still experimental.

    4inaftermath4inaftermath28 dager siden
  • The wacky appeal rheologically imagine because alcohol increasingly mug modulo a little foot. wistful, sloppy prosecution

    antonio martinesantonio martines28 dager siden
  • How tf would they make it go 3x the speed of sound?

    AyowtfrishiAyowtfrishi28 dager siden
  • magic and science are the same thing

    Dr.VamirrDr.Vamirr29 dager siden
  • all i learned from this video is if we use hovercrafts instead of roads we dont need to spend so much money on keeping our roads good

    tys ktys kMåned siden
  • Ya he stole the plans to it the original name on the Patten was disccopter like everything els the government stole it

  • I hope they make super mario mushroom,after eat can grow bigger

    excuse_my_ Rexcuse_my_ RMåned siden
  • That what happens wen You still somebody else is invention! Could use extra Flaps on the edges of the craft Add the other 3 motors Make the centre of the craft gyroscopic And add a very powerful At the bottom centre of the craft ( And I wouldn't try to use the pilot see as a counterbalance!)

    Catch A CaseCatch A CaseMåned siden
  • I remember this

    The Lord Of Hate Bo-Bo'sThe Lord Of Hate Bo-Bo'sMåned siden
  • If they actually built it how it was supposed to be, the project would've been successfull

    Disgized_AsianDisgized_AsianMåned siden
  • Really nice videos

    Pugals TechPugals TechMåned siden
  • What happen on irregular terrain or turbulent. The antigravity in around and turbine take in top and bottom an ratio to provide the lift and drag improve balance and fastest lift or slow hovering possible

    Eric PhamEric PhamMåned siden
  • What country is known for their space missions... Canada

    Lionman0707Lionman0707Måned siden
  • Alexander weygner was the Inventor of UFO

    Sumit SamuelSumit SamuelMåned siden

    Jaganath RaoJaganath RaoMåned siden
  • PLOT TWIST: all disk shaped UFO's we see is actually an improved version of avrocar

    DanCDanCMåned siden
  • Developing devices that recognise temporal Actuality in appropriate terminology might help. The same pictorial aspects of real-time logarithmic singularity positioning coordination applied to Ideal Gas point-positioning phenomena tend to fit a similar format to the wave motion inherent in mechanical turbines, but at multiphase-locked superposition scales, if that "makes Intuitive sense".

    David WilkieDavid WilkieMåned siden
  • Dumbbells,We have them flighting everywhere. They are called Drones.👽

    Johnny HerronJohnny HerronMåned siden
  • Well, it was a good shot. Now, back to trying to engineer a way to remove more maple syrup from the maple tree.

    Jon EmeryJon EmeryMåned siden
  • Coandă Efect ! 👍

    ABC 2021ABC 2021Måned siden
  • So it's basically a hyper-powered hovercraft that doesn't need a skirt, but also worse in every single possible aspect?

    CDgonePotatoesCDgonePotatoesMåned siden
  • it was done in 1952 because in 1947 we recovered a ufo shaped similar too it and for cover up reasons this was made so we could tell people there ours your seeing in the sky but it never flew more than 3 feet off the ground and could not do more than 80 mph

    Perry Winkle ElliottPerry Winkle ElliottMåned siden
  • Of course the Canadians make a flying hockey puck... America already has a flying gun so, I guess we all create our stereotypes.

    Poli T. HeliuPoli T. HeliuMåned siden
  • In Hollywood, most science fiction is the product of creative writing majors, who rely on CGI to violate the laws of nature, they know nothing about.

    Mark YoungMark YoungMåned siden
  • I would love to see all the secret military aircrafts today :D

    AntiquarianAntiquarianMåned siden
  • Yes please let me know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings to determine how attachments are handled the situation isn't available in your country and the rest of the symptoms you tick the more you can get the latest flash player

    Andrew FowlerAndrew FowlerMåned siden
  • The first flying saucer was made in Germany in 1940-1945 !!! Not in the U.S.A.!

    Patrick Op de BeeckPatrick Op de Beeck2 måneder siden
  • They should have tried to also spin the disk vehicle, I am thinking about 5400rpm at least

    Mihai MarchidannMihai Marchidann2 måneder siden
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    Ginger MarieGinger Marie2 måneder siden
  • 5:26 which is kind of the whole flaw in the design concept in the first place. This project was borne out of the UFO scare, and kind of the whole idea of "flying saucers" was that it was the spin of anything in the air that provided stability and some kind of "thrust" by use of the right hand rule. And this thing uses none of that ... and instead uses a series of small jet engines to provide thrust for lift and directional control. Flying saucers as alien space craft are BS to begin with, but then to try and mimic them without even using that basic concept, to me, just strikes me as being a kind of oblivious thinking that comes out of American engineering society at the time. I saw this time and again of taking a hyped idea, and then not using the basic principle behind the idea to make that idea work. I've never understood this about this nation. Never. A frisbee, throw hat or thrown hubcap maintains its stability and flight from its spin. And this guy made a non-spinning disk with a bunch of jets nested inside the fuselage? Whatever man. What a waste of time, money, effort, and a demonstration of complete stupidity. And that, good people, is this moron's legacy.

    Captain HarrisCaptain Harris2 måneder siden
  • "Canadian flying saucer" *U.S Air Force Symbol on it*

    Isabella BrownIsabella Brown2 måneder siden
  • nah its just a huge drone

    marjo dolonmarjo dolon2 måneder siden
  • this just goes to show most likely we already have rebuilt this idea but it's top secret.

    Ponder ThisPonder This2 måneder siden
  • Hey! we were first, you copied us,, blah humbug, go back and retry, you may find you maybe like us sooner than you think...

    ian wattsian watts2 måneder siden
  • if the title said canadian saucer why does it say us air force !!! >:(

    Peyton GinderPeyton Ginder2 måneder siden
  • You had made the comment and I had already been thinking of it. If we would visit that design today with the modern technology and computers we have could it be over came and actually fly

    Albert Von SchultzAlbert Von Schultz2 måneder siden
  • The right idea,,,wrong technology. Such a thing can only be controlled with a 3 axis gyro. Where all 3 axis also produce the motion

    joe kjoe k2 måneder siden
  • Why don't we steal a flying saucer from an alien while they are busy abducting people?

    16nowhereman16nowhereman2 måneder siden
  • Junk

    Sam FosiSam Fosi2 måneder siden
  • Real Engineering: That's a CFO a Canadian Flying Object. Ancient aliens and Illuminati believers: No, they are lizard people, the descendants of ancient aliens.

    Mohak N. GujarMohak N. Gujar2 måneder siden

    pigtailsboypigtailsboy2 måneder siden
  • Notice how it only gets off the ground at 5 to 6' and not 15.000' or higher and with the jet engines would be so noisy and really never very fast , hmmmm , nothing like all the UFOs that are well documented as very very high off the ground and flying at great speeds , yup.

    Mudpaws VoomMudpaws Voom2 måneder siden
  • The helicopter look better than this flying saucer

    Alexandre DescheneauxAlexandre Descheneaux2 måneder siden
    • I don't think the flying saucer concept is correct. Doesn't go high, move on each side. Making work with turbine look not good, they should try nuclear reactor and use nuclear trash as a refill for the reactor.

      Alexandre DescheneauxAlexandre Descheneaux2 måneder siden
  • Anyone thinking about the fact that this could be utilized in hover cars?

    Nicholas SchertzNicholas Schertz2 måneder siden
  • A booster rotor engine should have been placed under the ufo aircraft for its lift, likewise two booster engine should have been installed too in both either lower sides so it can easily move left or right faster...also a solar engineering panels should have been installed to collect solar kinetic energy in powering it and saving power to be used during nightfall... Thus the ufo aircraft should have been made bigger in the process. You see cost should never be comprimized in prototype experimentation to make it work. A bullet proof aluminum body should have been used too since its lighter than steel and can't be magnetized. Speed is the goal of achievement process if it will be use for military purpose. Thank you. God be with you. 🙏😊

    Benjamin, Jr. Magisa, B.Benjamin, Jr. Magisa, B.2 måneder siden
  • The lame swallow preclinically tempt because elizabeth computationally grin above a womanly anteater. erect, vague spain

    vika mosqueravika mosquera2 måneder siden
  • I saw this contraption at the National Museum of the USAF. A complete piece of crap.

    Lumen PraetoriusLumen Praetorius3 måneder siden
  • But would it have the capability to detect invisible PT boats in the Bay of Tonkin?

    SecondComingTwiceSecondComingTwice3 måneder siden

    santzero santonesantzero santone3 måneder siden
  • You know if you build this out of carbon fiber and more modern engines this craft could be built for very cheap

    Brian kumpanBrian kumpan3 måneder siden
  • Real UFO.

    Алексей ШвецАлексей Швец3 måneder siden

      Алексей ШвецАлексей Швец3 måneder siden
  • well real UFO is believed to be using electromagnetic propulsion that is still not something we are even close to

    Franklin 100Franklin 1003 måneder siden
  • Using thrust isn't a good idea. But it's design like disc will surely make it 6gen and higher.

    Bijoy GogoiBijoy Gogoi3 måneder siden
  • If you put a modern fly-by-wire computer controlled stabilisation system into this thing today, it would fix most of these problems.

    Owen EganOwen Egan3 måneder siden
  • Look at 1:54 to 2:00 you can see that they already had Smart table inside each pilates Seat's On The UFO , That proves the military 🎖️ Shaped the way we live today and pre-planned the coming of facebook and most of all MYSPACE ? Think about it why would they call it MYSPACE, O I know because it came from out of space and scene they got it now they put two and two together and called it MYSPACE , but that was to ovous, People would figure it out to easy so they say why not call it facebook scene that what they / Alien where doing was watching us ? That make you think don't it 😉 Lol Space force ,, FORCE YEP THEY DOING EVERYTHING BY FORCE NOW ,, PS I LOVE YOU ALL AND I THINK UFO ARE NICE

    New DayNew Day3 måneder siden
  • Excellent explanation about UFO vi peoples also can able to built and use it is the technology of thinkers club pl invite globally to possible the challenge thanks keep it up

    Aswath KumarAswath Kumar3 måneder siden
  • Prolly would have helped if the dude wasn’t hanging off the side throwing off the weight

    Johnny WimberleyJohnny Wimberley3 måneder siden
  • The idea to lift & move fast can be achieved with a technique. Please Work with me Isro!

    M.R JosephM.R Joseph3 måneder siden
  • Ok.. . I discoveringmore spy way thing than aliens works need to know the truth about aliens

    Jomm49jomm 4934Jomm49jomm 49343 måneder siden

    radu ionescuradu ionescu3 måneder siden
  • mean while these are good and best jets engine to accociate real power

    Muhammad RameezMuhammad Rameez3 måneder siden
  • hay engine just protect that girl save her from evil

    Muhammad RameezMuhammad Rameez3 måneder siden
  • the speed of sound is like of accepted design engineer for good and conflict for better and good design .

    Muhammad RameezMuhammad Rameez3 måneder siden
  • well united states and technologies are getting best and hope for good.

    Muhammad RameezMuhammad Rameez3 måneder siden
  • What makes you think they haven't made them with current computer technology? Pilots say they see weird things all the time.

    Robert BurkeRobert Burke3 måneder siden
  • Area 51 secret failed proyects.

    max marreromax marrero3 måneder siden

    AriRaj Chemical AcademyAriRaj Chemical Academy3 måneder siden
  • yeah its the ordinary side of the known technology and the real advanced technology is in the deep out of sight...

    András KovácsAndrás Kovács3 måneder siden
  • 12:20 so it was just a very inefficiant hovercraft ...

    Leda HrdltschkwLeda Hrdltschkw3 måneder siden
  • let's be real, we all knew canadians were aliens from the start , don't act surprised.

    bautista mercaderbautista mercader3 måneder siden
  • No one gives credit to the real inventor of "aerodina lenticulara" which is HENRI COANDA. He did not only enounced the "Coanda effect" but prtotyped the vehicle.

    Bogdan RadulescuBogdan Radulescu4 måneder siden
  • They must use solar electric power with super capacitor power banks driving the motor engine .

    Time Traveller 2100Time Traveller 21004 måneder siden
  • Sub terrain installed with machine gun

    Time Traveller 2100Time Traveller 21004 måneder siden
  • Here is the TRUTH dear aliens intusiasts folks... Alexander Weygers (Wikipedia it up) is the creator of Discopter and sold the blueprint and liscense to US Government in 1944. That is why US use this thing to spy anything . The only reason they looking for witnesses on public is because they want to know who else use the blueprint to create the same. The technology getting improve overtime because it has been a very long time since 1944. For sure technology improved so much including now that we have stealth technology and Off-Radar disappearance technology. Combining all this you would get a supersonic fast look like object and additionally off-radar. If you are the leader of government and u created a spy craft, you wouldn't want to introduce this to anyone would u? You would want this technology to improve without going to commercial.. technology that we all know of and sure of are always limited to commercial ones, for example u know that Huawei phones (etc) can shoot a high quality camera because its on the market. Unless its not, then u wouldnt know the technology itself . Additionally, US Presidents (including Obama and Trump and everyone else who denies it) have been strict on hiding this because they had to and yes it impacts National Security... Brcause the saucer itself is in fact their own Spy Craft. The Discopter is also Scientifically and Physically Possible. Look at the design published everywhere on google. Understanding the design posted on Google (u can look it up) its behaviour should be hovering stationary and not moving like airplane, unless it decides to vanish, it would go straight up or sideways very fast by using massive propeller located at the bottom to go shooting up or sideways and use off radar technology and stealth technology. And of course any Military Personnel is not eligible to know this secret because anyone can reveal the Spy Craft itself. Ex Israeli Space Guy is probably paid to say about Galactic Federation is to create distractions and possibly public support on Space Force created by Trump. So not that the government dont wanna tell you about aliens, but because there is no such thing to tell.

    F 0000F 00004 måneder siden
  • An idea ahead of its time, or tech.

    A HannamA Hannam4 måneder siden
  • It was some sort of a con trick.

    David Myers Retired Aerospace Engineer.David Myers Retired Aerospace Engineer.4 måneder siden
  • flying saucer👈😯😯😯😯🤯🤯

    anorocanoroc4 måneder siden
  • Wow

    ANDY LUMEH - Ten Gold Coins, Luke 19: 16ANDY LUMEH - Ten Gold Coins, Luke 19: 164 måneder siden