The Truth About Pumped Hydro

20. feb.. 2021
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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates, inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
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  • Around 5:15 you say 22,451 seconds is 6.2 hours which is not correct. That would be 374.2 hours

    Meta MotorsportsMeta MotorsportsTime siden
  • ask a texan!

    Kevin LloydKevin Lloyd6 timer siden
  • I'd like to ask for some clarity on the energy subsidy data. While $447B is approximately 3.5 times the $128B, fossil fuels still make up 80% of global electricity generation while fossil fuels are roughly 5%. Per percentage of energy generated fossil fuels would cost $5.58B while the same energy percentage in renewables would cost $25.6B. Is the chart total subsidies or per unit of energy generated?

    CallsignLOBO !CallsignLOBO !11 timer siden
  • We need to get money out of politics. There is no other way to explain the fossil fuel subsidies that still occur.

    Ben HigginsBen Higgins11 timer siden
  • Multiple methods for sure. This is a great video.

    Bobby ChangBobby Chang17 timer siden
  • solutions....just ask me

    Mickael WilliamsMickael Williams19 timer siden
  • Well Texas just proved to us that you cannot depend on just wind and solar nuclear is really the safest way to create electricity and it truly is zero emissions unlike hydro wind and solar

    Chevy boy For lifeChevy boy For life19 timer siden
    • @Chevy boy For life Texas proved that you need legislation to weather proof the energy grid... We have no issues with freezing wind turbines here in Sweden, because we have good legislation.

      Zuurker UZuurker U13 timer siden
    • And the lakes made from hydro power is devastating to the local wildlife

      Chevy boy For lifeChevy boy For life19 timer siden
  • When you start the video with rubbish there's no point continuing.

    Matthew KerleMatthew Kerle20 timer siden
  • Have you looked at liquid air?

    Manzour AhmedManzour AhmedDag siden
  • Obviously solar and wind power are nowhere close to being able to provide the power we need, nor will they ever be for absolutely obvious reasons a child can figure out. Dislike + Unsub.

    noth606noth606Dag siden
    • @Zuurker U Nope, the problem with both is that they depend on it being daylight for solar, and windy for wind power. Hydro and Nuclear are by far the best we have right now as they both provide constant dependable power. If some form of solar reflector system were to be built in space to get around the problem of not getting solar power during the night that could be fixed but not in a decentralized manner, but we don't have that made right now. Germany and some other European countries have invested heavily in wind and solar, and now have an inverse issue whereby they export power almost for free during the day but have to buy it during the night and on overcast days with too little or too much wind (wind power only work when there is a set amount of wind speed, too much or too little means no power). Another possibility would be to use large amounts of batteries which is being tried in some places but that has other issues aside from cost, the battery technology is "dirty", uses rare earth minerals that are difficult to extract and refine and that process itself is very polluting right now and controlled almost completely by China. So, at this moment my statement is still true, but in the future we could find ways to fix the problems that solar and wind have, but we do not have a really good solution for the problems right now.

      noth606noth60611 timer siden
    • @noth606 No, bud xD Wind and solar could easily power the grid if enough investments were made... Though, it might not be a good Investments it can still be done. Solar and wind are the "best" electricity generating sources now because they succeed where every other producer fails, they decentralize the energy grid.

      Zuurker UZuurker U12 timer siden
    • @Zuurker U True, and what I said are pure facts, nothing to do with feelings.

      noth606noth60612 timer siden
    • Facts doesnt care about your feeling. :)

      Zuurker UZuurker U13 timer siden
  • There is no climate crisis, jerk face. Humans are not destroying the planet by using fossil fuels. If renewables were truly beneficial over fossil fuels and offered a real return on investment, the free market would actually USE It. How about you start doing some REAL research. Unsubscribed over your shitty opener

    Michael LenczewskiMichael LenczewskiDag siden
    • Found the snowflake xD

      Zuurker UZuurker U13 timer siden
  • 1 cubic meter of water weighs 1000kg not 1kg but I get it. Everything was correct exept the prefix. Switch "cubic meter" for "cubic decimeter" and your done. Easy mistake. Yes, I am a science teacher.

    Axel LundgrenAxel LundgrenDag siden
  • It seems like there a few places co kerry mountains etc.... I think more places like that are possible

    Paddy TPaddy TDag siden
  • This is the side of humanity I like to see ! This gives me hope, maybe just maybe we still have time before it's to late.

    Nina ToteNina ToteDag siden
  • So, what is the ratio of energy consumed while filling the resevoir to energy produced while generating power?

    Chuck AddisonChuck AddisonDag siden
    • I read somewhere that pumped Hydro is about 60% efficient. That is from energy production to home delivery.

      Zuurker UZuurker U13 timer siden
  • Nothing abojt the carbon foot print or the cost and ROI.

    ciaranbrennan16ciaranbrennan162 dager siden
  • You are not qualified to make climate statements, stick to facts and not r sicilist propaganda.

    ciaranbrennan16ciaranbrennan162 dager siden
    • @Zuurker U I think you are the snowflake, you probably wear a mask everyday and stay indoors.

      ciaranbrennan16ciaranbrennan1612 timer siden
    • @ciaranbrennan16 Found the Anti science snowflake xD

      Zuurker UZuurker U13 timer siden
    • Thinking the world is not going to use oil is just stupid. People use every last drop of it. You should probably live in a cave and be carbon neutral!!!

      ciaranbrennan16ciaranbrennan162 dager siden
  • You should stay out of politics, and stick to facts,.

    ciaranbrennan16ciaranbrennan162 dager siden
  • Not just one solution. Yes there is. Ten or so SMR's available 24/7/365 Two in each of the old peat stations for starters. Next to them using much of the power, again 24/7/365, big data centres each using a couple of hundred MW of power. Then using the waste heat of these and the SMRs a vast area of 24/7/365 LED lit, hydroponic grow houses for salads, vegetables, cut flowers, avocados and G God knows what else. Then next to them the Soldier Fly farms, the larvae eating the processing wastes and also much of our one million tonnes of food waste a year here in Ireland alone. Then the fish farms and the chicken, both at present two of the most horrific environmental scandals on this planet. Then the rest of the bog areas for carbon, phosphate and nitrate sequestration. How criminally stupid we have been to put all our eggs in the wind basket, making billions for our home grown Oligarchs who have now sold out the real pushers behind the scene, the fossil fuel corporates, eager to have us over the metaphorical oil barrel for filling in the big gaps, not twelve hours, but with a winter blocking high, potentially two or three weeks, like in Nov / Dec 2011.

    Nicholas GrubbNicholas Grubb3 dager siden
  • Propaganda at its best. Great production skills and selective facts makes it entertaining, but misleading. Well worth watching but also look at The Planet of the Humans for a more realistic presentation of the real world.

    CHARLES CamenCHARLES Camen3 dager siden
  • Placing a facility like Turlock hill at the base of a mountain or maybe a lock system maybe a system like this installed on Panama Canal

    Tom JonesTom Jones3 dager siden
  • They aren't cheap because of their variability.

    PistonAvatarGuyPistonAvatarGuy3 dager siden
  • Oh, for crying out loud, just build one nuclear station and be done with it.

    Energy GuyEnergy Guy4 dager siden
  • Can we all just take a Moment and appreciate how greatly the BIM and Design of the Thumbnail, the Editing, the Animation and the visual Design in general improved in the last few months. It's a shame that this kind of content doesn't get into developing world due to corrupt governments and ignorant bureaucrats. 25

    aijaz ahmed siddiquiaijaz ahmed siddiqui4 dager siden
  • Ok, see Linthal 2015 project, Switzerland.

    Lennart JanssonLennart Jansson5 dager siden
  • No truths at all, shameful.

    Lennart JanssonLennart Jansson5 dager siden
  • A brief on Hydroelectric 2 nd stage power recovery system This system is for all hydro systems running with a TAILRACE setup Why a tailrace setup ? In an ideal setup without the need to modify the construction plans to fit into a geological or given plot of stable ground, the benefits are not lost to compromise. As however in the real world hydroelectric systems are generally a compromise, and the TAILRACE is invariably longer than the turbine hall would find IDEAL in regards to power made per ton of water used - a loss that can now be recovered With the turbine hall believing a shortened tailrace has been fitted this allows the turbine hall to make more power out of the same volume of water IT IS WISE TO NOTE TOO SHORT A TAILRACE AND A SURGING ISSUE OF THE TURBINES WILL OCCUR, leading to its self destruction What sets how short the tailrace can be made? Because each and every dam is in effect a custo- made system, and so the type and number of turbines at the location dictate the power recovery units location in the tailrace But there are basics that are common to all hydro installations Example of why a shortened tail race works A different way to look at what is happening at this point is: You buy a 2 stroke motor to fit to a go-cart but it needs a bit more power. The quickest and cheapest way is to get a tuned exhaust pipe - it’s generally a shorter and larger pipe This allows the motor to breathe freely and returns a boost in power output with just the right amount of back pressure Firstly Back Pressure This new setup will not generate a backpressure issue to the dam (a common reason why to date the industry has failed to benefit in this area). In short blinded by their education. A stumbling block that has been drummed into every Engineer so no one looks at this sort of issue as solvable Secondly Down Time The assumption is made that to build this system would mean the dam will be offline for years when 90% if not more of the installation will not require the dam to shut down and the final step can be taken during the annual servicing period of the dam The freeing- up of the turbine hall from having to work with a tailrace that is now tuned to the best power output. NOT distance to the discharge point! And along with my new 2 nd stage turbine power recovery systems the return should be 3- 8% more annually combined Thirdly Servicing With no extra shutdown periods needed to service the new power recovery system as this can happen independently And should a unit go offline in say a three-unit setup, the offline unit can be swapped in a day without the need for the remaining two units being effected OR the turbine hall operations The end of the tailrace will continue to spill out into the existing lake or river location with only one extra outlet fitted to handle the same water volume, but now at a slower pace so that all works are easily able to be environmentally completed If a pump hydro system is used this will not alter the setup or require modification It should be noted that this system has less parts to an equivalent turbine setup so there are less failure points And is expected to outlast the required life expectance of the dam NOTE Chinas hydro output to date is: According to IHA's 2020 Hydropower Status Report, total hydropower capacity reached 356 GiggaWatts in 2019 after a further 4.2 GW in capacity was added China's total estimated hydropower generation reached 1,302.00 TerraWatt hours. FINAL POINTS So say China’s hydro output was up by a further 3% only (as not all China’s dams can run this system). So what is that worth as annual income to the country? It should also be noted that a new dam construction with a penstock hydro system fitted will double the return in secondary power recovered and still be serviceable without impacting the turbine halls operations simon bowman rdp marine facebook

    Simon BowmanSimon Bowman6 dager siden
  • What is a pony motor?

    h lh l7 dager siden
  • Why did you say that hydrogen is the only solution for long-term energy storage, when you recently posted a video about Ambri’s liquid metal batteries?

    RikRik7 dager siden
    • It's not borught to the market yet. There's a huge difference between researching something and testing it in small scale and actually mass producing it at a cost where it's worth it.

      CCCC7 dager siden
  • Ya lost me at Bill Gates.

    Tom in Puerto RicoTom in Puerto Rico7 dager siden
  • Utter BS...

    Pedro SantosPedro Santos8 dager siden
  • Hello, I am doing a thesis on hydroelectric power plant design, but I could not find a clear enough source. If there is a source that explains the principles of hydroelectric power plant design step by step, could you suggest you know?

    Mühendislik TeknolojiMühendislik Teknoloji9 dager siden
  • ......Quoting Bill Gates on Climate science is like quoting me on gender studies.....I know nothing..... Seriously, don't quote big named people in fields they know nothing about... It'll make you a sucker for their eccentric divinations.

    ShinobiwanShinobiwan9 dager siden
  • Disliked because of the Bill Gates collab.

    William LindsleyWilliam Lindsley9 dager siden
  • Come on. You know better than to say that renewable is less subsidized than fossil. Fossil fuel still provides the vast majority of energy production. In dollar per killowatt, subsidies are much higher for renewables. From an immediate economic outlook fossil fuels are still far cheaper. Hydro is the exception, it is cheaper than fossil fuel, but environmentalists block almost all new dam construction. Only if you account for the damage caused by fossil fuels do solar and wind become extremely attractive. I don't hate renewable power, in fact I have loved solar from an early age. I plan on going off grid with renewables. I just don't like dishonesty.

    William LindsleyWilliam Lindsley9 dager siden
  • @RealEngineering Just a question... If the draw of power to pump the water back up to the top is bugger all, then why couldn't you put an extra turbine to directly power to the pump so it's filling up as its producing electricity? Or run something like a dynamo off the turbine shafts ? Anyway just wondering? Excellent work, Interesting, informative , and unbiased and balanced.

    woodywoody10 dager siden
  • Although a good video it is still looking at the issue from a centralized power grid. The Australian National University in partnership with Engineers Australia did a preliminary study that identified tens of thousands of locations where small/medium scale pumped hydro schemes could be established. This fits in with distributed power grid architecture where the energy is generated close to the load (and obviously stored there as well). This is in Australia, the driest continent on the planet! The Australian Government, of course (being backward as usual and liking flashy announcements) decided to extend the Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme with all of the issues listed in this video. As a minor point, the term power generation is fine but when you are talking about generating AC the device is an alternator, a generator is used for DC. In many respects DC generators have advantages over AC alternators courtesy of modern technology, so they many indeed be generators in the future. >>;-)>

    Robert NicholsonRobert Nicholson10 dager siden
  • Everyone is always talking about hydrogen for long term storage and the automotive industry, but methane arguably just as appealing. This might be because methane is more commonly associated with natural gas, which is not an energy storage medium, but it can be used in the same role as hydrogen in power-to-gas nonetheless. Methane has a lower conversion efficiency to hydrogen, and the process is more complicated and costly than for hydrogen. That being said, methane can make use of existing natural gas infrastructure, which could help to reduce costs.

    dangerous_safetydangerous_safety10 dager siden
  • Just imagine where we would be now if a decade or two ago, all subsidies for fossil fuel had simply been transferred to renewables. Why didn't it happen even though the 'writing was on the wall'

    William Hughes-GamesWilliam Hughes-Games11 dager siden
    • Subsidies are evil and should not exist in the first place. And it is because we need fossils. At least till we got a viable way of storing energy.

      taurustaurus4 dager siden
  • 14:20 only problem is, it's "too sunny", all the water would evaporate unlike the irish example

    pro hackerpro hacker11 dager siden
  • I'd love to see you do a video on concentrated solar power. The idea of using mirrors to reflect the suns light and heat water to produce steam, so that we can generate energy is really cool.

    astrolover 95astrolover 9511 dager siden
  • The Truth about Gates

    mud winmud win11 dager siden
  • oh, bill gates? unsub

    Paul LeddyPaul Leddy11 dager siden
  • The Science behind AGW is suspect. The real issue are the pollutants mankind has, is, and will try to dump into the environment. If not addressed some critical connection in the biological cycle will be irreversibly broken and the life further up the food chain dependent on it remaining intact will fail. Do not confuse the real issue with political misuse of Science. A green herring. Government solutions invariably waste opportunity and wealth almost with glee. Because bureaucrats are what they always were and always will be. [Proof: the cost of education and the result? The Welfare industry and the result? The medical industry and the result?]

    Peter ClarkPeter Clark11 dager siden
  • The truth aboush whash bad pronounciation does to a perfesh subjesh

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday Californiaa12 dager siden
  • "Imagine having to pollute the world in order to make relatively short-lasting batteries made from scarce materials so you can store green energy in" - This post was made my pumped hydro gang.

    MBD Main Battle DankMBD Main Battle Dank13 dager siden
    • Elon Musk is in danger of stealing Thomas Midgley Jr's crown as history's most toxic organism. Pushing batters for green energy storage, pushing his idiotic transport schemes harming viable mass transit projects not to mention there being a good argument that his disruption of the EV market will delay mass market penetration by years if not decades.

      Alasdair AllanAlasdair Allan13 timer siden
    • "imagine having to excavate large amounts of material and ruin the natural environment to store energy" - Not sure if this post was made by battery storage or pumped hydro because both do this.

      dangerous_safetydangerous_safety10 dager siden
  • Bill Gates ?? Are you a fucking moron? His climate foot print is bigger than most small countries !!! 3 private jets, fleet of 911 Porsche, a private house with a carbon foot print bigger than many US small towns. Bill Gates as climate guru is the biggest oxymoron in human history. ox·y·mo·ron noun: oxymoron; plural noun: oxymorons a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

    Chris MartinChris Martin13 dager siden
  • quick and easy solution = depopulation

    joe sammet 911joe sammet 91114 dager siden
  • bullshit, this guy is talking absolute bullshit about renewables. if Ireland ever followed what this clown is talking about they would have big problems providing energy for their population meanwhile this idiot would probably be living in london.

    Al CaponeAl Capone15 dager siden
  • While I agree that fossil fuels are a convenient but very messy and pollution ridden way of getting energy, I also disagree with this perspective as it is presented. The advancement of technology that has been based upon traditional means of power generation allows us to actually provide a vast array of 'bespoke' solutions according to the given environment involved. (Obviously low wet flat lands, differ from deserts which differ from mountain ranges, or jungles etc.) Also since truly effective alternative means of mass energy production can never (and will never) be discussed here, it's a disingenuous to simply present such a simplistic overview of the (utterly man made) problems we face in energy generation and distribution. (i.e. Solar and wind good, fossil bad)

    yelbuckyelbuck15 dager siden
  • hydroelectric and nuclear mini and micro reactors might be the way to go in the some help from wind solar.....but the latter won't do much....heavy transport/loads....don't work with electricity...I mean shipping ....airline ....trucks etc...natural gas will help too

  • global warming does not fact hundreds of years ago it was worse...they are solar cycles...sun is ejecting ...rainfall and snow can also be fabricated and manipulated....pollution does exist...a different matter

    • @taurus if you have the ability to read between the lines...the first sentence meant to say warming does not exist...DUE TO HUMAN ACTION....think my intentions were pretty clear....but yeah if you take words literally...yes you are right sir

    • Your second sentence contradicts the first. Sure, it was worse.. But humans were not there when it was worse. This is about us and preserving our environment. Besides, the temperature changes weren't this erratic, so we do have impact.

      taurustaurus4 dager siden
  • solar and wind will not save us sorry.......only contribute a share

  • Ooof, I really, really disagree with renewables being part of the solution. Nuclear can (and must) be done at smaller scales. Renewables are, at best, a time & resource wasting distraction. At worst, they are a straight up detraction from our efforts.

    Gareth FaircloughGareth Fairclough16 dager siden
  • If you had 45 cubic meters (a 1x5x9 meters) of mercury suspended 10 meters above the ground, that would be equivalent to a single Tesla powerwall. Pretty extreme, but not entirely stupid.

    Grayson SmithGrayson Smith17 dager siden
  • Dang 80% efficient?! That's better than any part of hydrogen fuel cells. I guess though you can store more energy with hydrogen though.

    Grayson SmithGrayson Smith17 dager siden
    • Storing a lot of energy with hydro means you need mass and height. No problem in mountain regions with low population. Impossible in my country with our flat wetlands with the among highest population density (The Netherlands) Honestly for us i see no alternative for a couple of nuclear powerstations. Which means we need to rely on other countries to "take care" of our nuclear waste. There is no perfect solution.

      1barnet11barnet111 dager siden
  • Where are your sources? I am curious to see where you attained that energy subsidy data near the beginning of the video. It is very interesting.

    Christopher ScherzChristopher Scherz17 dager siden
    • Sources in the description.

      Shevonne PoyerShevonne Poyer17 dager siden
  • i just understood why just listening to yo voice feels so good. there is some background music in this video that is very soft.

    Fenris ElecitFenris Elecit18 dager siden
    • I had to put my volume to the max to hear it, but yeah, it's there.

      Kenna RajoraKenna Rajora18 dager siden
  • i have always thought of you videos to be really good but man I don't understand how they are still getting better. i mean I though there was a saturation point.

    Fenris ElecitFenris Elecit18 dager siden
  • 5:53 I've seen that in TeamFortress 2

    I'm Okay ,I'm Okay ,18 dager siden
  • How early did they predict though?

    SmokeyPillowSmokeyPillow18 dager siden
  • Sir please make a video about I.T.E.R

    AnonymousAnonymous18 dager siden
  • "solar and wind technologies have reached maturity" You can't be serious...

    Orcman666Orcman66619 dager siden
  • Shouldn't the water pressure play a role? (when calculating the energy storage capacity)

    golangolan20 dager siden
    • @golan No that's actually the maximum energy possible.

      1barnet11barnet110 dager siden
    • @1barnet1 well, in the video, the energy storage capacity is calculated only as a function of the distance the water drops (potential energy basically), but that would be the minimum energy, as far as I can figure it out.

      golangolan11 dager siden
    • @golan Yes, when the level of the reservoir gets lower you'd need more flow for the same output since the pressure/force decreases. Usually pumphouses are located further downstream instead of at the bottom of the dam to reduce this effect. At a place from my youth in Austria the dam started at 1300m above sea lvl but the pump house was 15-25 km away at 880m above sea lvl

      1barnet11barnet111 dager siden
    • @1barnet1 That's what I'm saying, so shouldn't the energy transfered to the impeller vary when the pressure gets lower and lower?

      golangolan11 dager siden
    • Water pressure increases by the height of the water reservoir. It's basically the workings of an old water tower.

      1barnet11barnet111 dager siden
  • Can you explain about gravitrycity

    Vivek BVivek B20 dager siden
  • Many footages illustrating the coal and gas fireplant mentions are actually of the Dublin waste to energy plant. Not too far away, but not exactly spot-on :)

    Colin PitratColin Pitrat21 dag siden
  • If only there was a way to store water for later use without needing pumps....

    EagleHillsGrainEagleHillsGrain22 dager siden
  • "there's always rain in Ireland" yup... makes me wanna cry ,but then there would be even more water :(

    Lukas GadzijevasLukas Gadzijevas22 dager siden
  • Lake Tahoe in California would solve all battery need for Western USA. It is located on the top of the mountains, it is deepest lake in the world and has water for supplying all USA for 200 year

    Renato BRenato B23 dager siden
  • Why dont we just electrolise water and then make thermal energy from burning them.

    Varsha ZarariyaVarsha Zarariya23 dager siden
  • sorry sir, but your comment about cost is incorrect as you have to look at cost per megawatt-hour to find the cheapest. The cheapest type of generator is the combined cycle combustion turbine (natural gas, very clean almost no pollution) but i digress..... Offshore Wind = 89.2, Battery storage = 57.98, Advanced Nuclear = 50.51, Ultra-supercritical coal = 43.8, Hydro = 38.62, Biomass 34.96, Onshore Wind = 27.01, Solar = 23.52, Geothermal = 19.03 and Combined Cycle = 7.78 (All figures are US Dollar per megawatt-hour for capital costs). • U.S. levelized capital costs by energy source 2026 | Statista Also, for a national grid you much have MVAR (voltage) support to be able to "push" the AC power through your grid. Solar gives absolutely NO support via MVAR's and most wind farms do not (they can but most do not) provide MVAR support either. There are many other factors you have not informed your audience and that's wrong! Not in our generation will we see wind and solar to even be a significant portion of any national grid of any size. Not right or wrong but real figures and facts you have conveniently overlooked.

    Sean 24986Sean 2498624 dager siden
  • Nice to see the partnership with Bill Gates and his foundation.

    BrianBrian24 dager siden
  • 👎

    JATWANG is my nameJATWANG is my name24 dager siden
  • In the areas with water shortages use compressed air, as compressing air pulls moisture from the atmosphere. Thus why air compressors have air dryer units to keep them from rusting out. The Amish in US are currently using old propane tanks for low pressure compressed air storage. The missile system adjacent to the radar system I worked on in the 1980's had a 10,000 psi dud ejector so it might be a good model and the most efficient air compressors are axial flow at north of 90%.

    duane navarreduane navarre25 dager siden
  • Oil companies don't get govt subsidies. They get accelerated depreciation on exploration activities since the majority of exploration activities end up with a 'dry' hole with no oil/gas. No 'money' flows from govt to oil company. The solar and wind companies actually get subsidies where real money flows from the govt. Facts matter.

    TexanTexan25 dager siden
  • Ohh nice to see a Siemens Installation from the golden age of Maschine Engineering. Greetings from Germany, and this is a valid NOtown Channel, if I could I would give it a "Made in Germany" seal of approval for its outstanding Quality Content on NOtown.

    AKAHEIZERAKAHEIZER26 dager siden
  • should be using the windmills to pump the water directly instead of trying to use them to generate electricity. no need to reverse the turbine then, no need to compress air to drain the blades, blah blah. can keep pumping whilst still generating electricity at the turbine.

    justan idiotjustan idiot26 dager siden
  • Fun fact: Bill Gates' business card says "President of the World".

    dixon pinfolddixon pinfold27 dager siden
  • So you would need about 10 hydro pumps to supply all the needs for Ireland. But actually, a hydro-pump is nothing more than a HUGE rechargeable "battery" that has to be charged if it is to supply power to the grid. That power has to come from somewhere and be powered by something. Just exactly what are you planning to use to charge these hydro-pumps? Then how does that benefit the environment if you still have to have a power plant to supply power? The world wonders.

    Frank DuncanFrank Duncan27 dager siden
  • We need those magical graphene batteries we've been promised for years now lol

    mateo ardilamateo ardila28 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ. A video sponsored by Satan himself. What utter naive garbage .

    Paul SaundersPaul Saunders28 dager siden
  • 0:23 - I don’t see how this proves that renewables aren’t only cheaper because of subsidies? The figures show fossil fuels are subsidised 3.5 times renewables but on what multiplier does it out-generate renewables on total kWh? I would’ve thought easily more than 3.5x

    Ashley LahmAshley Lahm28 dager siden
  • Pepper keep trying to make hydrogen happen.

    Kevin LydaKevin Lyda29 dager siden
  • The mother of all pumped hydro projects could be Lake Erie being the upper reservoir and Lake Ontario the lower reservoir. A canal could be built from near Crystal Beach Ontario to the hydro canal for the Sir Adam Beck Hydro station in Niagara Falls Ont. where generation and pumping would occur. A weir across the Niagara River would control Lake Erie's level which would also solve storm damage to Lake Erie homes and cottages. I did a quick calculation and found for every inch of water level on Lake Erie's 25,750 km2 of Lake Erie, it holds 643,750,000,000 L of water that can fall about 70 m overs Niagara Falls. Assuming a 10 % head loss and a 15% generation loss, I get 100 GWh of energy storage per inch of Lake Erie height. This could provide diurnal, and multi day energy storage for the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and the Province of Ontario whose combined populations are 68,000,000 people.

    Daniel VivianDaniel Vivian29 dager siden
  • What?... Correction, 1m3 water with 1m drop, has 2.7kWh, not 2.7wh

    pora123pora123Måned siden
  • wouldnt pumping the water up the mountain use as much energy as you would get from dropping it down again???

    Jordan LarsonJordan LarsonMåned siden
  • I'm glad people like you but how about a free earth and no monetary system needed and then worry about your space and science bullarky

    FreeWorld No more enslaving our mindsFreeWorld No more enslaving our mindsMåned siden
  • what about nuclear?

    Léhett van der NestLéhett van der NestMåned siden
  • The alert reindeer unlikely succeed because top surely queue off a harmonious walrus. mushy, nonchalant uzbekistan

    Trasher 666Trasher 666Måned siden
  • Liquid air batteries are far superior

    Ralph SternRalph SternMåned siden
  • Here is an idea. Over the Rockies pumped storage in the United States, joining the Mississippi and the Colorado Rivers across the Continental Divide. Using excess wind and solar power to pump Mississippi River water to a huge reservoir in the Rockies, and then release it on the western side through generators capturing that power back. If done on a large enough scale, it would also solve the Water Crisis in the west and reduce Mississippi flooding in the east.

    Seva LoginovSeva LoginovMåned siden
  • Thoroughly enjoyed

    RyanRyanMåned siden
  • No, 'fossil' fuels have NOT been getting more subsidy; they're TAXED and REGULATED. That money is where renewables' money comes from. After that, ratepayers get gouged to pick up the rest. There is NOTHING so-called renewables do better OR cheaper. All forms of so-called 'energy storage' are bandaids to try and get pinwheels and smoke-and-mirror solar to work

    Bill CichokeBill CichokeMåned siden
  • I read Bill Gate's book. I don't understand why @Real Engineering say's we need a mix @15:30 of batteries (and/or power generation methods). I've heard this idea of a 'mix' around a lot before. You can run a grid on 100% Nuclear right? Bill really perplexes me. He allocates a little of the book discussing Nuclear and how undervalued it is, basically describes it as the holy grail. It has none of the down sides of renewables and it's safe. But, the weird thing is he doesn't say why we shouldn't just run the grid/s on pure nuclear. Sometimes I wonder if it's because he knows that it just FEELS too scary for humanity (as a whole) to accept?

    Jason WhittleJason WhittleMåned siden
  • 2:12 - Pretty obvious that HMS was not a thing back then, amirite? :D

    Preben RutgersonPreben RutgersonMåned siden
  • Pretty excited to find out that there's a closed-loop pumped hydro project being planned two hours East of Portland, Oregon along the Columbia River Valley. It's called the "Goldendale Energy Storage" project.

    Tristan WaddingtonTristan WaddingtonMåned siden
  • Has anyone actually crunched the numbers on Wind Power? Iron ore goes from Aus -> China Turned into Steel Tower sections are manufactured in China/Abroad Blade sections are manufactured in China/Abroad These then get shipped across the world. So it's manufactured in a place that is known for having shit Environmental protections/controls and is mostly powered by dirty coal. Then it's all shipped across the planet on vessels that are notoriously dirty and run off gross bunker fuel. Towers have a lifespan of ~20 years. The blades need to be replaced whenever they are struck by lightning. The blades aren't recyclable and are made of fibreglass. Every time a blade needs to be changed, a large crane is needed to be moved in (And all the work that goes with that, road works etc) And when there is not enough wind they don't work and when there is too much wind they don't work. They also need de-icing if in a cold environment.

    CorrupTCorrupTMåned siden
  • I'll never get over the weird Irish way of pronouncing height as "heighth".

    Chauncey BeggsChauncey BeggsMåned siden
  • would hydroxi gas hho be a better alternative for storage?

    godens34godens34Måned siden
  • Give us the science without the political lecture.

    Richard StevensRichard StevensMåned siden