Which Is The Most Dangerous Car?

15. feb.. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (www.stephanie-sammann.com/)
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster twitter.com/forgottentowel

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[8] www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31283362

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com/creator


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  • Interesting video, but what does this have to do with the rigidity of Teslas new car?

    Sigurd TorvaldssonSigurd TorvaldssonTime siden
  • I have the safest car I will ever own, it is among the first cars with a crumple zone. I have an airbag which is nice but I'm not shure if it works after almost 3 decades since it was built

    Isak sIsak s7 timer siden
  • Those sponsor Segways put everyone else to shame.

    Valerie BrentinValerie BrentinDag siden
  • Make kerrs safe now!

    Jose Luis PérezJose Luis PérezDag siden
  • So, honest question: If compact cars result in more occupant deaths, does that mean that larger, heavier vehicles are 'safer'? I know it's not that simple, but if everyone was only concerned with 'greatest chance of personal survival', would we all be driving heavy trucks?

    IKRIKR3 dager siden
  • I think the "can the car keep jaywalkers safe" test is ridiculous. How about we just go back to telling kids to look both ways and if they get run over they get a Darwin award?

    JtrettaJtretta3 dager siden
  • Ahhh I hate that they smashed those cute color Mirages lol But of course pink and seafoam green would be available.

    Alex MAlex M3 dager siden
  • someone cut very close across my mum the other day (she drives a 2018 ford kuga) and immediately the car's autobrake switched on and all the seatbelts locked up. we didn't hit them but the car went from 30mph down to about 5 in what felt like less than a second

    LKCLKC4 dager siden
  • Deflect, not absorb. Or more accurately, channel the Kinetic energy away from the cockpit area.

    Call me KennethCall me Kenneth4 dager siden
  • In a nutshel: the most unsecure element is the driver, if you are a save driver, every car is save, if you are an idiot no car is save!

    Klaus PeterKlaus Peter5 dager siden
  • From what I've seen so far, it turns out that American cars have a smaller focus on safety. The problem is in the authorities, they do not put pressure on manufacturers, while EU pressure is much greater. That is why cars in the EU are much safer and you can see it on the price. The American car is cheaper, the product processing worse, the safety lower, the consumption higher. This can also be seen with Tesla, the quality of workmanship is quite lousy compared to most European cars.

    Mari B.Mari B.5 dager siden
  • Title: Which is the most dangerous car? Video: lol nvm

    DioXinDioXin5 dager siden
  • Nissan "Tsuru" Sentra in the states id the unsafest car to ever exist that i know

    Mario BéjaresMario Béjares5 dager siden

    JustRobertCZEJustRobertCZE6 dager siden
  • The most dangerous car is the one you're in when it crashes so pay attention, put your phone away if you're driving and don't become a crash test dummy.

    Tilc RekcilTilc Rekcil7 dager siden
  • buy your ex a mitsobishi mirage

    danchosocutedanchosocute8 dager siden
  • That really shows how sexist institutions still are

    Joe H.SJoe H.S9 dager siden
  • HOWEVER, at the same time vehicle safety increased, road design also increased.

    CornerTalkerCornerTalker9 dager siden
  • The most dangerous car is the fastest car.

    İsmail Ekenİsmail Eken9 dager siden
  • *sees bel air when crashed*

    skahaprskahapr10 dager siden
  • You would think with higher fat percentage, women are more protected in a crash. My short chubby grandma was hit by a cab and didn't have a single broken bone, even though she was bruised head to toes

    puregsrpuregsr10 dager siden
  • I think I drive the most dangerous car on the road in America, a 1997 Mazda Miata

    puregsrpuregsr10 dager siden
  • I own a 2018 mirage :(

    joseph cifuentesjoseph cifuentes11 dager siden
  • How you pronounce “car” gives me headache

    Element GamingElement Gaming12 dager siden
  • I knew it! Mirage is really dangerous! HAAHAHA!

    santiago uribe manzanosantiago uribe manzano12 dager siden
  • First, It’s Volvo, now, Tesla? They said Fi- - Wait, There the same.

    jenny bee Jataynajenny bee Jatayna13 dager siden
  • Most dangerous cars exist Maruti Suzuki left the chat

    avinash dubeyavinash dubey13 dager siden
  • You are already talking about making better tests, and i was thinking about our situation in Brazil where we have a less advanced test, and cars with 0 stars being sold.

    Adriel GardiniAdriel Gardini13 dager siden
  • It's not clickbait but a misleading title my man. I'm not American I don't care about your safety tests.

    ja ne is klarja ne is klar14 dager siden
  • I wonder what the safety ratings are for a lawnmower, because just today i seen a teenager getting gas and getting McDonald's on a lawnmower, this is in the middle of nowhere mind you.

    tater anustater anus15 dager siden
  • Did this dude just prove there are only two genders?

    Bryan MBryan M15 dager siden
  • A well designed EV pickup truck would resemble a 1960 VW pickup. a) an electric motor under the rear load bed, driving the rear wheels, and accessible for service through a rear-facing hatch b) Slide-mounted battery packs under the load bed, in front of the rear wheels, and accessible for service through hatches in the side panels. c) A central electrical power buss with coolant channels running to and from a front-mounted radiator. Slide-mounted battery packs plug into the power buss and coolant channels. Rear-mounted radiators may also work using cooling air intake vents in the sides. d) Another electric motor in the front located under the floor and driving the front wheels. e) Front sheet metal with a shape which resembles a humpback whale for low aerodynamic drag coefficient and to .provide room for the battery cooling radiator and front-mounted electric motor. f) Fold-down load bed sides to facilitate loading from both sides and the rear. g) Lightweight bed skirts extend up from the fold down sides to reduce aerodynamic drag. Bed skirts extend from the roof of the cab to the tailgate. h) An eight foot load bed is standard. Optionally, a shorter bed version with a four door cab and an extended wheelbase version with four door cab and an eight foot load bed. An eight foot load bed should accommodate 4 by 8 sheets of plywood or drywall laying flat. i) charging connectors on both sides of the truck to reduce charging time. Pull between two chargers and plut into both at one time. Perhaps there might be room for side-mounted spare tires on each side, in line with the rear wheels, and covered by lightweight fender skirts. Storing a spare tire under the load bed is a PITA if you should need to change a tire. Fender skirts might also be used over the rear wheels. Combined horsepower of the motors must be sufficient to maintain the posted speed limit on an uphill grade on an interstate highway while fully loaded to the maximum permissible road weight or towing the heaviest permitted trailer.

    Allen LoserAllen Loser16 dager siden
  • My vote for the most dangerous car is a Tesla on Autopilot,. a) Drives into parked fire trucks b) Tries to drive under a truck trailer which is perpendicular to the flow of traffic thinking that it is a bridge c) Turns into Jersey barriers used to separate lanes of traffic Not an Autopilot driving error but Tesla cars have also spontaneously combusted while parked.

    Allen LoserAllen Loser16 dager siden
  • Worst ad implementation ever.

    FoxyFoxy16 dager siden
  • Kerrs

    clemenza089clemenza08917 dager siden
  • The reason the mirage is more "dangerous" pertains to the car is marketed and built for. Young people. Given that driver ability is the largest variable in these statistics (I would argue) then the only logical solution moving forward to decreasing deaths would be superior driver training and autonomous vehicles I guess too.

    HavokR505HavokR50518 dager siden
  • Any car driven by my mom

    Jacob HuntingtonJacob Huntington20 dager siden
  • Excellent! I didn’t know how outdated the standard test is.

    Gustav DerkitsGustav Derkits21 dag siden
  • Please its not a ker it is a car C A R

    علي طالب جلود طوكانعلي طالب جلود طوكان23 dager siden
  • The accident death rate doesn’t accurately predict the safety of a car either. Yes sports cars are on the list because of how they are driven, and cheap compacts are on the list because who buys them? Younger buyers under 25. The age group where statistically they’re all out at 3AM, drunk, blowing stop signs, speeding, texting, etc. The Mirage exacerbates this because with dealer and factory incentives, it’s the cheapest car on the market and Mitsubishi will finance anyone with a pulse. It’s also skewed by production numbers because statistically if the Miata is safer than the F-150, that doesn’t mean anything because they simply sell more F-150s.

    montysport94montysport9423 dager siden
  • 2:57 THIS VIDEO IS WRONG He called it a truck and not a Ute... Good videos by the way

    BlueGamer 308BlueGamer 30827 dager siden
  • For me its all LCGC cars

    De_ BritishmanDe_ Britishman29 dager siden
  • As someone who worked in vehicle crash safety for over 30 years, I have been told by the best biomedical experts there are that whiplash is impossible to measure with a dummy.

    Lego Maniac 531Lego Maniac 53129 dager siden
  • I came here to look at dangerous cars, I ended up learning about road safety tests. This was a clickbait for good

    flaetsbnortflaetsbnortMåned siden
  • Americans measure "dangerous" wrong! If your car kills people in OR outside the passengenger compartment , then it's dangerous. That's why the new smart4two lost it's flat face, because pedestrian and byciclist safety is tested in European crash tests. If your car kills more pedestrians and byciclists and car drivers than others your car is dangerous. Now how will the Cybertruck get a better pedestrian security rating than a tank? Will they add cushions outside?

    F-RuneF-RuneMåned siden
  • When every car can get a 4-5 star rating...it is time to make the ratings tougher ;) They are doing that with the PowerEfficience labels in europe. In around 10 years every cooler, fridge, and so on has become A+ to A+++++ ... in short... everything under A meant nothing. So they have redesigned the requirements under the new label, which is back to G to A... of which... D-A is expected. E-F and G are more warning labels to those who make them "make them better"

    Masticina AkictaMasticina AkictaMåned siden
  • That poor Bel air :(

    StutterPunkStutterPunkMåned siden
  • What happen with crash cars from this tests?

    PaťoPaťoMåned siden
  • 10:24 Honda: wait, someone's there. Nope no ones there. OH SHIT SOMEONE WAS THERE

    random car guyrandom car guyMåned siden
  • ...Bulls**t... Most of the people doesn't know why they are on the road, not to mention the physics and mathematics behind the car. Understeer and oversteer tests when getting a license or renewing it will eliminate 80+% of the drivers. No crashes, no traffic jam, better public transport.

    Владислав ГорановВладислав ГорановMåned siden
  • 2:40 is that a supra?

    xin zhangxin zhangMåned siden
  • The one my brother is driving of course.

    Mk ShffrMk ShffrMåned siden
  • keeping those algorithms happy

    KoMaHu3λMKoMaHu3λMMåned siden
  • Ere

    BiniBiniMåned siden
  • Herder

    BiniBiniMåned siden
  • Sters

    BiniBiniMåned siden
  • Cers

    BiniBiniMåned siden
  • It's the NHTSA not the NHSTA...

    Ujw PlaysUjw PlaysMåned siden
  • If you think this is bad, you should see the DOT motorcycle helmet tests

    Kara SeneKara SeneMåned siden
  • My father drives 2014 mitsubishi mirage

    FRAKIZFRAKIZMåned siden
  • My Motorcycle was not mentioned. They must be pretty safe or human crumple zones were never tested.

    cutroc350cutroc350Måned siden
  • Active safety Iam missing in video really For example turning signals inside the car mask (like Peugeot 206 or Ford Ka) is way safer on typical European runabout than others because you see, when the car get the signal to leave the runabout

    Michal MatějkaMichal MatějkaMåned siden
  • Everyone gangster til it’s your car

    MarcusPlayzRBLXMarcusPlayzRBLXMåned siden
  • Great

    Lakmal GamageLakmal GamageMåned siden
  • The IIHS is the best source of information for this.

    Tech SpeakTech SpeakMåned siden
  • Whoa the belair!.

    Blank BlankBlank BlankMåned siden
  • The Mirage/Space Star is a safe car. I think the problem with it is, that it attracts younger and other less skilled drivers.

    Kek chupKek chupMåned siden
  • Which Is The Most Dangerous Car? *Maruti Suzuki* : Please allow me to introduce myself.

    Jitin KumarJitin KumarMåned siden
  • You should see Indian cars

    Paras ChavanParas ChavanMåned siden
  • How dare you assume the gender of the dummy

    Nicolas VinasNicolas VinasMåned siden
  • KEAR designer O_O

    django1123django1123Måned siden
  • The rating should be based on 10 stars to allow for more nuancing.

    davkarshobby2468davkarshobby2468Måned siden
  • TL:DR Private regulations are better than government regulations. Let the free market do their own work.

    Anim MouseAnim MouseMåned siden
  • >head disjoints >pass

    Eneru89Eneru89Måned siden
  • All I can say is that it is not a volvo

    0972q80972q8Måned siden
  • I am curious if there are any situations in these tests where males fair worse off or if it would be best to just approximate female bodies in all the tests to make it as hard as possible

    JarynnJarynnMåned siden
  • This type of small loose weak cars are in large ammount in India, we have Alto, Eon, Redi go, kwid

    हरे कृष्णहरे कृष्णMåned siden
  • The tata nano is by far the most unsafe

    Tim van TongerenTim van TongerenMåned siden
  • Any car which you don't drive properly is a dangerous car only .

    Crazy MadeCrazy MadeMåned siden
  • This shitty vehicle looks like a 3 year old designed it in Kindergarten.

    BigBen 92BigBen 92Måned siden
  • Sooooooo... Wich is the most dangerous car ? ☹️🤔

    Herr.S Romain SandtHerr.S Romain SandtMåned siden
  • Tsuru tuneado or two door chevy, those are the worst

    justintorrexchanneljustintorrexchannelMåned siden
  • You jus substitute the numbers to represent those of a woman or not average man there is no such thing as a male of female dummy. It’s all about mass and dimension numbered that can be changed in a equation.

    p jp jMåned siden
  • The peel p50 is the safest car because no one died on it

    Rosalie DollenteRosalie DollenteMåned siden
  • In India we didn't even have seatbelts as standard till about 25 years ago. We got dual airbags as standard only a couple of years ago. And till 2010, most of us didn't even know there was something known as NCAP safety rating.

    Anirudh KunteAnirudh KunteMåned siden

    पेड़ Treeपेड़ TreeMåned siden
  • Morpheus in the back at 0:56

    prodbyHRTLNDprodbyHRTLND2 måneder siden
  • everyone: which is the most dangerous car? me: the one behind the wheel

    Sai Bea5tSai Bea5t2 måneder siden
  • 2:39 tell me im not the only one who noticed the MK2 supra there

    Sneak ySneak y2 måneder siden
  • If you end up getting a Mitsubishi Mirage, it means you really should not have gotten a car in the first place, or you really could not afford one. The Mirage is an awful car.

    Shafin RehmanShafin Rehman2 måneder siden
  • ZAZ 966/968 Short wheel base, rear mounted aircool engine, extremely flammable interior heating system, literal MEMZ engine. It's tricky to drive, it can set itself on fire and it has zero passive safety. It's cool in it's own right thou, removable cylinders, engine is made out of aluminium and magnesium alloys, you can repair the car in the plain field.

    //2 måneder siden
  • There is something oddly satisfying watching a car crash in slow motion

    thtupidthtupid2 måneder siden
  • Car

    215621562 måneder siden
  • This video is technically clickbait

    Koncha LolaKoncha Lola2 måneder siden
  • Easy, Ford Pinto

    Louie MarvellinoLouie Marvellino2 måneder siden
  • Suzuki: *hold my spresso...!*

    Amal JoeAmal Joe2 måneder siden
  • MS: All our cars are most dangerous

    Nanda KishoreNanda Kishore2 måneder siden
  • But none of this matters if someone is going 80 mph or 120 mph .. The car will explode no matter which way it gets hit .. Unless it's a full size SUV like the Armada / QX60 or a van ... Maybe a truck too ..

    Tino MillerTino Miller2 måneder siden
  • Well as long as you dont crash in any its ok

    SysMique_SysMique_2 måneder siden
  • women should identify as men while driving since sex is a social construct

    Oletitptip SmOletitptip Sm2 måneder siden